by stork 24 Aug 2017

Not embroidery my 7 year old grand daughter lost her favorite cow. She passed away yesterday eve. Gotcha, cow's name, would have been 7 the end of September. She spent quite some time crying from what my daughter told me. This morning she asked me about it and I said I was sad and sorry. We had given Gotcha to her as a calf....she had fun showing, washing and just spending time with her. It's hard to see young ones go thru things of this nature.


by toogie 28 Aug 2017

I remember when I lost my black angus.
Daddy had got each of us our Social Security number and opened us each a bank account. He had given us each a calf, just like you did your grand daughter, to start out. One night someone shot and killed my cow. By then she was full grown. The people were hunting at night, we supposed, which is unlawful. Needless to say, my account was almost non-existent.
My sister told me, not to long ago, that when Daddy got hurt that time and was unable to work for a year or more, times got tough. He had to sell some livestock, including her pony. She said she was devastated, even though she knew it was to help the family. I told her I didn't realize that.
I am sorry for the loss of your g-daughters cow, however, it will make her understand the circles of life. She will be stronger for it, but I know right now she's hurting. Give her a hug & kiss from one whose been there.-Toogie

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stork by stork 28 Aug 2017

We brought our kids and the grands to understand that it is "better to happen at the barn" than to have it happen to a family member. Death is a part of life and no sense trying to hide from has a way of finding you.

by gerryvb 28 Aug 2017

sorry for your granddaughter.

by stork 25 Aug 2017

Thank you everyone for the words of comfort. She is actually handling it pretty well for a 7 yr old. She shared stories and pictures at school with her classmates.....she is dealing with her grief in her way! yeah

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jrob by jrob 25 Aug 2017

Healthy attitude!

by basketkase 25 Aug 2017

Oh, so sorry to hear is such a sad lesson for young ones to have to learn.........I still have a lot to learn when it comes to grieving our animals.......

by kustomkuddle 25 Aug 2017

I'm sorry for the loss of a favorite furry friend. It is hard for adults to loose a pet so it can only be harder for young ones. Makes it hard on all the adults who want to "make it better" and can't. She is lucky to have you to lean on. Sending prayers.

by sdrise 25 Aug 2017

So sorry bout the loss of the cow. IT is so hard to lose a pet they become family. Harder to watch your granddaughter go through all this sadness at her age. Prayers are with you!

by pennifold 25 Aug 2017

So sorry about Gotcha and glad that you got a chance to speak to your grand-daughter about her. Thinking of you all, love Chris

by Sewmum1 25 Aug 2017

Aww she must be heartbroken. We have tried to make sure our kids have a soft toy that looks similar to their pet for when this happens. It helps ease the pain and gives them a pet toy(same name as the pet) to cuddle for comfort when needed. It is never quite the same but it really has helped. We lost 3 pets (aged 20yrs, 10yrs and 2yrs) in a very short time and the cuddlies were a big comfort at bedtime.

by graceandham 24 Aug 2017

OH, my, what a big, hard lesson for her. I know everyone will try to ease her through this big loss. (Did you collect The End Font G, from Betty's this week? Could make her a cow pillow for when she's feeling sad.)

by jrob Moderator 24 Aug 2017

There are some things we just can't make better and those hurt us the most.

by crafter2243 Moderator 24 Aug 2017

I am so sad for her. It is a tough lesson for a 7 year old.

by dragonflyer 24 Aug 2017

How heartbreaking...I think we all know how hard it is to lose a loved animal of any kind...

by 02kar Moderator 24 Aug 2017

My heart breaks for her. Hard as it is, death is a part of life. Talk to her about the fun memories of Gotcha, the awards, the folks she met thanks to Gotcha. It is so hard to experience this, but she is loved and Gotcha is going to be a very fond memory throughout her life.

by lbrow 24 Aug 2017

I agree but this is how they learn about life. It's hard on their little hearts but better Gotcha than a family member./Lillian

by sharonleekesner 24 Aug 2017

Yes, it is hard to see the little ones suffer but you were there for her, sharing the sorrow and comforting her. You were emotionally there, that is what matters.