by stork 24 Aug 2017

Our newest grand daughter was born on the 16th and I am finally going to get to see her and play baby holder on Saturday!!! She has a different sort of name to me.....Emersyn Carrie. Her middle name came from both her maternal and paternal great great grandmothers. I bet they are beaming in heaven. She has more hair on her head than I do, according to the pictures sent to me.


by kustomkuddle 28 Aug 2017

So glad you could enjoy this newest addition to your family!

by gerryvb 28 Aug 2017

You must have had fun and enjoyed the special moment. and congratulations with her birth.

by toogie 28 Aug 2017

Saturday has come and gone, so tell us or show us how beautiful she is and how sweet she smelled! ......... How much ibuprofen are you taking for playing 'baby holder'? I'm sure once you had to put her down, your arm wouldn't straighten back out-lol-Just teasing, enjoy her as much as you can. Are they far in distance from you?

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toogie by toogie 28 Aug 2017

Just read below 3 hours away...not easy but doable.

by parkermom 28 Aug 2017

Soak up all that baby holding! It is good for the soul.

by sdrise 25 Aug 2017

Congratulations on the new grand baby... Get lots of kisses and hugs in too while you are holding her...

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stork by stork 25 Aug 2017

We have a grand total of 6 now....2 boys and 4 girls! They are definitely the loves of my life!

by jrob Moderator 24 Aug 2017

Oh, how sweet. You go love her up!

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stork by stork 25 Aug 2017

I plan to play baby hog as much as possible....

by pennifold 24 Aug 2017

Oh! how wonderful Tonya, another precious grandd-daughter to love, cuddle and cherish. I hope you get to make lots of lovely goodies for her. Congratulations to the parents too. Fantastic name. I love the fact that they have kept a family name. Love Chris

stork by stork 25 Aug 2017

Chris, I can't wait to make all 4 girls their outfits for Christmas!!!!

graceandham by graceandham 26 Aug 2017

No, you really can't wait. You need to decide and get sewing as soon as you come home! Four outfits.

by dragonflyer 24 Aug 2017

Congratulations, happy you will meet your newest grand daughter this week-end! Love her name...and not you have a new little one to stitch for!

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stork by stork 25 Aug 2017

Thank you. I guess she will need a penguin too! lol Not sure the name will fit.....ugh!

by crafter2243 Moderator 24 Aug 2017

Such an exciting event. Enjoy!!!

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stork by stork 25 Aug 2017

Yes. Just wish they were closer!

by ansienaude 24 Aug 2017

congratulations enjoy your little grand daugther and spare no hugs and kisses

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stork by stork 25 Aug 2017

I have my arms and lips at the ready! Just hope I don't speed on the way's almost 3 hour trip.

by 02kar Moderator 24 Aug 2017

Hurray for you and Emersyn Carrie. What a special weekend for the 2 of you. Congrats and don't forget to share it with us.

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stork by stork 25 Aug 2017

I will try to get some pics to share after Saturday! My problem is to make the picture smaller to download to the

by lbrow 24 Aug 2017

Many Congratulations to you. I love it when they choose family names and join them/Lillian

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stork by stork 25 Aug 2017

Yes, I love the fact that all three of my kids have children with "family" connections!

by graceandham 24 Aug 2017

Reckon that will be shortened to Em? Would be so quick to stitch on everything you can get your hands on! Congrats and have fun hugging, holding, rocking and burping.

stork by stork 25 Aug 2017

She will need a Christmas stocking stitched out this year!!!

toogie by toogie 28 Aug 2017

Sure she will!!!