by stock 24 Aug 2017

when I purchased my new machine, i got Embrilliance basics inc. alpha tricks as a bonus, does anyone have it, am I right in thinking that yo can import any fonts, & convert to use the key board, the same as in my pe design 7 software...wendy


by pastergirl3 06 Nov 2017

yes you can import any alphabet and then just use the keyboard to print out the name.

by petdenhan 06 Oct 2017

Hi Wendy I have PE design 7 and would love to know how to add to use the key board with brought fonts...please could you help me...thanks Denise

asterixsew by asterixsew 06 Oct 2017

Denise any font that is in your laptop should appear in your PE design. I'm in the UK and its almost bedtime and my laptop and card reader box are not together at the moment. Its very easy to download fonts that one likes to a laptop/computer to use with your PEdesign. I can give further details tomorrow if no one else has replied.

petdenhan by petdenhan 06 Oct 2017

Hi Wendy I’m also in the Uk Ipswich ...would love to speak to you tomorrow...thanks ...xx

asterixsew by asterixsew 07 Oct 2017

have sent you a PM

by powagrl 24 Aug 2017

I love Embrilliance & AlphaTricks. Here is an old link explaining AlphaTricks.
Here is another link to explain mapping of non-Bx fonts.
There are many useful videos on the Briton Leap You Tube site. There are also 2 very good Facebook sites on Embrilliance that can answer almost any question that you may think of. I hope you will enjoy both your new machine & your new software.

stock by stock 25 Aug 2017

thanks for the info. I will try them all, when its something new it hard to get it onto your head, ....wendy

stock by stock 26 Aug 2017

I used the cute, info thanks so much I now get it...wendy

airyfairy by airyfairy 15 Sep 2017

I would like to add my thanks for this. I have SewWhatPro which allows me to either import fonts or use fonts from my keyboard.

by awesome1 24 Aug 2017

I believe you have to use bx fonts. I tried the Embrilliance ( there is a free download), I bought bx fonts, but decided I liked working with my PEDesign better. I can add ttfonts and use keyboard...maybe I was just more familiar with using my old software. But Embrilliance is very nice program and I would not give up my Thumbnailer! Also, they are wonderful people to help with problems.