by irenewayne 20 Aug 2017

morning everyone

Hope you can help. I'm posting on behalf of my Daughter who last year moved to Wyong. NSW Australia & has now decided she would like to try her hand at quilling (Chris & Meg I know you are up that way so any input would be appreciated. LOL) We have googled & found lots of things but she would like to know if there are any clubs around her that she could join also any overseas links to sites from cuties would also be appreciated. She now feels she should do things as she's been very quiet since her Hubby passed away 2 years ago. Many thanks all. PM me if there are too many replies (I live in hope. LOL)


by babash 22 Aug 2017
Is a site I came across has a video and free patterns. Maybe also your daughter could contact the CWA they might be of help to her.

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irenewayne by irenewayne 22 Aug 2017

Thank you I'll pass that on to her today

by pennifold 21 Aug 2017

Hi Irene, sorry I have only been home about a couple of hours and have just come onto the computer. I have no idea about Quilling classes, but I'm sure there would be something in Tuggerah or Wyong. My suggestion would be to ring Spotlight at Tuggerah and see if they have classes. I know my local Spotlight store here in Newcastle does craft classes. Other than that I can't help. I do hope your daughter can find like minded people who enjoy that craft. Love Chris

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irenewayne by irenewayne 21 Aug 2017

Thanks Chris. She has had a look at spotlight & not happy with what she has seen there however also found heaps of things on youtube & another cutie rang me last night with some good suggestions which she is following up. Just hope that doing something like this will bring some normality back into her life & she's found it really hard to move on

by marianb 21 Aug 2017

Irene there are books that can help her to learn this craft. She could look for a local shop in her area that deals with scrapbooking and other paper crafts or maybe try Yahoo maybe there is a tutorial on it. Marian

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irenewayne by irenewayne 21 Aug 2017

Marian I'm actually going to check my local newsagent today as they sometimes have craft books on special, not much here in this small town unfortunately but I welcome your suggestion

by crafter2243 Moderator 20 Aug 2017

Irene I just want to make sure you meant quilling and not quilting. Huge difference. Ha, ha. I am sorry I live in a different part of the world.

irenewayne by irenewayne 20 Aug 2017

yes QUILLING NOT QUILTING. LOL. Unfortunately she doesn't know 1 end of a sewing machine to the other even though I have given her 1

crafter2243 by crafter2243 20 Aug 2017

Ha, Ha. I am glad this is out of the way. I wish her luck finding support in this craft. I tried it. Too tedious for me