by glob69 17 Aug 2017

Could someone please help? One of the cuties told us about a great place to purchase organ needles at a reasonable price. I purchased some but would like to get some more. I thought that I had bookmarked the site but, I must have had a senior moment and forgot! Does anyone remember the site? Hugs and blessings, Gail


by pennyhal2 19 Aug 2017

Are you using titantium needles for embroidery?

by glob69 17 Aug 2017

Thank everyone for the help! Thank you deb. That is the site I was looking for. I recognized the name as soon as I saw it. Thanks again everyone. Hugs and Blessings, Gail

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sewdeb by sewdeb 17 Aug 2017

Glad I could help! Hugs and blessings to you, too!

by sewdeb 17 Aug 2017

I get mine at CTSUSA Wholesale Sewing Supplies. 100 Organ "household machine" needles for $11.95 + free postage. Specialty needles (metalics, etc). are slightly more). I've ordered from them several times and my order arrives very quickly. You do not have to have a wholesale account to buy from them.

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 17 Aug 2017

Do they have a minimum order for free shipping? I am getting charged for postage in the cart...???

queenofhearts by queenofhearts 17 Aug 2017

I tried it and after entering my zipcode it comes up 00

sewdeb by sewdeb 17 Aug 2017

No minimum - I order 100 at a time... enter your zip code like the queen suggested and the shipping becomes free (in the US)

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 17 Aug 2017

Thanks, I'll go try again...

sewdeb by sewdeb 17 Aug 2017

Make sure you're going to the HOUSEHOLD Needles page... they all qualify for free shipping... here's the link to that page: Either the sharps and ball point Organ needles are $11.95/100 in all available sizes.

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 18 Aug 2017

Thank you....

by sewdoctor 17 Aug 2017

Allstitch has the best prices in my opinion!

by 1953slvv 17 Aug 2017

There is a yahoo group that buys needles in bulk at a great price. Check this out:

by lildoll2 17 Aug 2017

i have got mine for years at the sewphisticated
you won't be sorry, doris

by pennyhal2 17 Aug 2017

Allstitch is where I get mine too.

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by jerrib edited 17 Aug 2017

I buy mine at Allstitch

by crafter2243 Moderator 17 Aug 2017

I just noticed that Amazon has them. The other place I know would be Metro Embroidery Supplies.

queenofhearts by queenofhearts 17 Aug 2017

I just noticed that Metro has a new thread called Metro Pro. Does anyone know how that differs from the regular Metro. I have tried the Sigma and my Brother machine likes that too. I haven't tried the Glide. Anyone know anything about that one other than it is very spendy.

crafter2243 by crafter2243 17 Aug 2017

I haven't tried the Metro Pro. I still have enough of the older version

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by toogie edited 17 Aug 2017

It may be

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glob69 by glob69 17 Aug 2017

Thanks, Toogie. I will try that.