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by jerrib ( edited 13 Aug 2017 ) 12 Aug 2017

Hi Cuties:

Does anyone know how to make a folder of jpegs into 1 sheet of thumbnails.
Or a folder of designs to 1 sheet of Thumbnails.
I don't want to print out the thumbnails, just save them in the folder with the designs.
Thank you


by Barbaric 13 Aug 2017

Do you have any software that came with your camera that allows you to print a Thumbnail sheet. Otherwise place all your files that you want printed onto a USB stick and take it to your local photo printing shop or do it on line with a company that can gives you that service.

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jerrib by jerrib 13 Aug 2017

Thank you for your help. I don't want to print out the thumbnails, just have them in the folder with the designs, like some of the design sets you buy.

by cfidl 13 Aug 2017

There is that free product that does this for you. As soon as I find it I will post it. I believe it took the images from the design file.

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jerrib by jerrib 13 Aug 2017

Thank you, it would be handy to have

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by meganne edited 13 Aug 2017

Jerri how many images do you want on the sheet?
Also, what is it you want to do with the sheet of thumbnails once you have them all together?

Viewing them on your screen is only a temporary thing as you lose each top row every time you scroll down, they are only a "view" of what is in the folder, it is not even how they are stored.

If you have a graphics or image viewer program, you can select a whole collection of images and print them on one sheet of paper by telling your program to do it in the PRINTING Options.

Same thing goes for IMAGES of designs.

Contact me by email or messenger and we can talk further.
Hugs n love, me

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by spendlove Moderator edited 13 Aug 2017

If you are using windows, your page in Windows Explorer probably looks like this.

If you click on the Large Icons icon it will then look like the second picture.

If you want a paper copy , you could print a screen dump or use the snipping tool to capture exactly what you want.

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jerrib by jerrib 13 Aug 2017

Thank you spendlove.... I will look at this when I am back home.

by graceandham 12 Aug 2017

Wow! You guys are so advanced. This would never have occurred to me to try to figure out.

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jerrib by jerrib 12 Aug 2017

Hopefully someone will have a quick solution to do this. My program can convert to jpegs, but I would rather have 1 sheet of thumbnails.

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by Sewmum1 edited 12 Aug 2017

I am sure there probably is a better way but have you tried taking screenshots of all the thumbnails together? I have a snip program on my computer and save as a jpg or into word but I think you can also use print screen then paste it into a word document for a whole page or several.

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jerrib by jerrib 12 Aug 2017

Thank you, this might work....

by awesome1 12 Aug 2017

I had a page of thumbnails was on a cd from a box bought at auction. When I clicked a thumbnail, I could safe the design to my hard drive. I'd like to know how to save designs like that. Maybe we both know how, but our brains are not hitting on all cylinders! If you figure it out, please share with me.

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jerrib by jerrib 12 Aug 2017

Hopefully some knows how to do it...

by dragonflyer 12 Aug 2017

Hmmm, it think it might depend upon the software you have chosen...Embird does it as a built in part of Basic Editor...but there are also some other digitizing and/or graphics programs that have the capability.

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jerrib by jerrib 12 Aug 2017

I wondered about that, but not understanding computers, I had hoped someone knows the answer.