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by graceandham ( edited 20 Aug 2017 ) 12 Aug 2017

UPDATED: Sugartoes has been ailing, but I'm hoping he's turned the corner. Night before last, not seeing he had two attack spots on his back side, I gave him his dose of flea medication. He went very limp and crawled into the back corner of the closet. (As in "leave me alone".) He was so pitiful when I went to bed, he just had his little baby cry. In the wee hours when I checked on him, he had crawled into one of my shirts, up into the body and then down into the sleeve, where he seemed to be stuck, head down! I removed him and had a long talk with him. Today, he is taking food and water again and leapt up onto me when I came to check on him, and his cry was back to full strength. He has not yet asked to go outside, which is good, because I'm thinking he's in for the week! Remember, if your cat goes missing, check your shirt sleeves!

Day 3 - he has moved to a low footstool about 4 feet into the room, so not hiding any more. Still not real peppy. I've seen him nibble a bit of food and take water. This is going to be slow.
Day 9 - Finally, he showed some initiative. As I entered the bathroom/closet, he rushed the door and escaped to the rest of the house. So glad to know his energy is back!


by dragonflyer 12 Aug 2017

Awwww, Betsy...I hope all will be well soon...poor baby...

by asterixsew Moderator 12 Aug 2017

Miow to Sugartoes from Tuppance. When I moved two years ago I left Tuppance with the new owners - our daughter. Our furbabies are great and I miss having one with me all the time but a major road and loads of buildings mean Tupps stayed with the fields. Hope Sugartoes keeps improving. At least he is flea free...

by lbrow 12 Aug 2017

So sorry Betsy. Hope he will be a lot better today.. They do love to crawl into tight little places/Lillian