by grafiau 9d ago

Hi all, its been a long while since i have been on this site, mainly because i havent been looking for new designs, and havent done much sewing, any way I am back, and i am hoping someone can direct me to some christmas quilt blocks, i would like rectangular instead of square, if possible. I am doing a table runner for my sister for christmas and hoping to edit a ITH quilt as you go design i have, from swirls to maybe christmas bells or such like, any thoughts gratefully accepted


by asterixsew Moderator 9d ago

Cant help at all but lovely to see you here again. Drove though Aberdyfi earlier this week. Its v busy and much the same

by pennyhal2 9d ago

You could put 2 or 6 of these together to make a runner

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grafiau by grafiau 9d ago

Thankyou, I will check it out

by spendlove Moderator 9d ago

I made this runner using 4 of my own ITH table mats. The crazy tablemat design is available in my Facebook group - Engineered in Stitches.

by pennifold 9d ago

Hi Ruth, I hope you find what you are looking for. I've got some from Kreative Kiwi and Sweet Pea as Marian has suggested. I fyou have a look at my recent PROJECTS you can see the ones I've made from Sweet Pea. I'm sure you can put any design onto a blank rectangle to make your own personalised rectangle. Good luck, love Chris

grafiau by grafiau 9d ago

Hey Chris, it been a long time! The Sweet Pea free form runner is the one I am looking to edit, it will look great with Christmas fabrics and Christmas design quilting. I was thinking bells or Xmas trees

grafiau by grafiau 9d ago

And rectangular will fit better in the free form shapes

by marianb 9d ago

Take a look at the Sweet Pea sit you might find what your looking for there. Marian