by parkermom 9d ago

I've just bought the dollhouse design from Kris Rhoades, and I'm excited and scared to try it. Have any of you tried it? This is the site that had the lovely quote about copyright on it.


by pennyhal2 9d ago

No, I haven't either...but I'd be scared too! I think sometimes we are afraid when there is really no reason to be. Just jump into the project and go step by step! I'd love to see your finished project.

by basketkase 9d ago

Wow, so ambitious and I know you can do it........can't wait to see it!!

by zoefzoef 9d ago

Looks quite a project. Pls show us the result !

by babash 9d ago

No I haven't tried it but looks like fun. I would say just read the instructions as you go. Everything takes longer the first time.