by pennifold 10d ago

O.K. gals and guys, I'm in a bit of a predicament. I've been cleaning out my deep kitchen drawers and found this!

Can anyone tell me what it would be used for? It's been in there for over 7 years and I don't even know what it is or where I got it from!

I've put a couple of pictures one was with the blinds open and then closed to show it better. Hope someone can help me. The handle goes up and down and obviously something is put in the section at the bottom.

Love Chris

P.S. Sorry they are sideways, I did take them upright!!!


by airyfairy 8d ago

OK Chris, knowing how tidy you are, how on earth can you have something in your kitchen that you do not know what it is. I am so pleased that you now know what it is. I have to say I did not have a clue.
Hope you and the family are well. Love and hugs. Sarah

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pennifold by pennifold 8d ago

Hi Sarah, hope your trip away was wonderful.
You are right, everything was in place, but the cup and strainer were in another cupboard near the sink. The actual big section was in a deep drawer as I couldn't stand it upright. The deep drawers are opposite the sink beneath the hotplate and there were things in there that I've not used since we had the kitchen renovated 7 years ago, so hence they've gone to the Op Shop! Love Chris

by gerryvb 9d ago

I see you have the answer already, you are missing a part of the fruit sqeezer, this is what i should look like:

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pennifold by pennifold 8d ago

I like this one Gerry. Mine doesn't have the large slot at the base, but it's the same thing. Love Chris

by kharriman 9d ago

Lemon or lime squeezer. When I do the Farmer's & Artisan's Market in Princeton, Maine they use one to squeeze the lemons to make lemonade.

by LoisBoo 9d ago

It looks like a bottle capper. Used when you make your own rootbeer, beer or wine.

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pennifold by pennifold 9d ago

Thanks Lois, it is an Orange.lemon,lime squeezer etc. Love Chris

by lbrow 10d ago

Never seen anything like it Chris. Could it be a bottle capper maybe or some kind of juicer?

pennifold by pennifold 10d ago

I was thinking along those lines too Miss Lillian. I can't find anything else for it! The things one collects!!!!!!! Hope you are doing o.k. Much love being sent your way, Chris

pennifold by pennifold 10d ago

Thanks Miss Lillian, I just checked out another cupboard and found the rest of it - it's an ORANGE JUICER/SQUEEZER! Amazing how much stuff I've found. Have a few things to toss out! I'll be dropping off this one to my Op Shop. Thanks for memory jog! Love Chris

graceandham by graceandham 10d ago

It's too cool to send to the Op Shop. We make fresh lemonade at my house with a squeezer from the 40's or 50's and I hope it never breaks!

sewmom by sewmom 9d ago

I have one. I could see it's missing a piece, glad you found it.

pennifold by pennifold 9d ago

Thanks Betsey, sorry it's already gone to the Op Shop. And sewmom, I'm glad I found the missing section too. Love Chris