by awesome1 8d ago I visited our local state police, I'm not in trouble! I donated soft toys I made for the little ones who are scared of the uniforms. I met and talked to the captain..he was most gracious and appreciative. He told me the toys are locked away in the office, and the Hiway Patrol officers must sign for only 2 items at a time. I hope the babies are omforted with their toy from the nice policeman. I did these as therapy for me when my DH had a stroke last year. I think there were about 20 assorted bears, tiny RA dolls, and one bunny! Thx for looking.


by crazypatchmama 6d ago

what a lovely idea. very thoughtful of you.

by vickiannette 6d ago

this is a great idea, and something we could all try. the toys are beautiful

by ALPerry 7d ago

Your stuffies are very cute and loveable. There is a Group on facebook AMEA Pay It Forward/ROAk Bear Promotion right now with Joy Davies that gives you the patterns for the bears and different ideas of embelishing them. This group is on there way to 20,000 bears made and distributed to who ever the maker decides to give them to. --Cancer clinics, Hospitals, Firemen, Police, Greif Coucilers etc.

awesome1 by awesome1 7d ago

Thank you ALPerry...I do not belong to Facebook-it doesn't interest me. But I will add info for whomever might want to donate to Police.. Call and ask for the Community Relations Officer --my D.C. ret'd friend says there is a CRO in each Station, and that they will be most happy to hear from you.

pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 7d ago

Thanks for the info.

by kustomkuddle 7d ago

They are so cute. They have an important job in comforting a child. One of my nephews is a police officer. He works a lot in the low income areas where children do not have a lot. He said one day he was trying trying to talk with some kids but they wouldn't come near him. Once he gave them stuffies, he gained their confidence, and he was able to do a little education. The children's parents appreciated it also. Thank you for what you do to help.

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awesome1 by awesome1 7d ago

Thank YOU for your kind comments.

by sonjapotgieter 7d ago

Fantastic job done...Great work..So Beautiful!!!!

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awesome1 by awesome1 7d ago

oh, how sweet of you!

by sjbrower 8d ago

You are awesome! These are just the cutest things and would definitely help a scared child at an accident scene or worse. Thank you for doing this, and for giving the rest of us the idea to do the same. I love to make these little stuffies, and I think I'm going to donate some to the local PD too! --Sharon

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awesome1 by awesome1 7d ago

Sharon..I am just aw-someone, but I do think this is a good PIF. I added above some info about how to get started.

by asterixsew Moderator 8d ago

These are lovely and what a super cause you have handed them too

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awesome1 by awesome1 7d ago

Thx asterixsew, but you are always doing for others too. Thank YOU.

by pennyhal2 8d ago

You have just reaffirmed my belief in the kindnss of others. Seems that we hear so much about bad things going on that your post really helped me see the goodness that people have in their hearts. Having a stuffie party with my friends is now floating around in my head...

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awesome1 by awesome1 7d ago

That stuffie party sounds like a lot of fun; wish I could be there!

by serendipity79 8d ago

what a great gesture! congrats on this wonderful initiative, hugs maria x x x

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awesome1 by awesome1 7d ago

hugs back to you. Maria, for the comment.

by basketkase 8d ago

What an incredible thing to do for the officers and the are certainly a blessing to them......

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awesome1 by awesome1 7d ago

As you are a blessing to our poor little stray kitties. Thank you for taking them to your heart.

by lidiad 8d ago

They look a
They are all adorable, well done!
Hugs, Lidia

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awesome1 by awesome1 7d ago

Thank you Lidia..they gave me something to keep my mind occupied as I worried about my DH.

by aussiequilter 8d ago

they are adorable

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awesome1 by awesome1 8d ago

Oh thank you! They are so cute when finished and almost make you feel like hugging each one.

by zoefzoef 8d ago

What a great idea ! But it look lots of work !

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awesome1 by awesome1 8d ago

Yes, a lot of work stuffing and closing seams. But creating in the hoop was easy!

by carolpountney 8d ago

Awesome stuffies love the idea great work

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awesome1 by awesome1 8d ago

Just stuffed toys but can mean a lot to a crying child. Thanks.

by Wendyy 8d ago

This is such a beautiful act of kindness. That was so very kind of you to do that for the little ones who are the unfortunate silent victims in a world full of meanness, drugs and alcohol addiction and lets all not forget child abuse.

You may have started something here by your act of kindness that many of us could also do.

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awesome1 by awesome1 8d ago

Oh, wouldn't that be wonderful? if more of us would use our hobby to help others! Thanks so much.

by read180 8d ago

What an awesome idea. Love the stuffies and I can truly understand how these could comfort the little ones.

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awesome1 by awesome1 8d ago

It must be scary for them to see a parent driven away in handcuffs..the Captain said he would welcome any more that I wanted to give.

by sandralane 8d ago

How kind you are to think of others, you have done a terrific job with all of these. They will be adored by all that receive them and help to comfort a frightened child. Well done. Sandra.

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awesome1 by awesome1 8d ago

Thank you. I have friend who is retired police for Wash. DC gov't --he was my inspiration. Him and the "Cops" tv series.

by shirley124 8d ago

I am sure they will comfort little ones who are a little scared by uniforms. Great work. Big Hugs

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awesome1 by awesome1 8d ago

you are so kind, thank you.

by crafter2243 Moderator 8d ago

That is so sweet of you. You did a fantastic job and hopefully some little ones will have a less stressful experience.

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awesome1 by awesome1 8d ago

That is my hope. Thank you for comment.

by noah 8d ago

Must ask my son a policeman about this idea *****where do u get the wee patterns??I have NEVER made a stuffie:(:(hugs

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 8d ago

Oh, well you need are missing out on the fun!

awesome1 by awesome1 8d ago

Noah, some of the toys were free from DBC 'back when'. Some were bought designs. some were too small and I enlarged them...the polka dot bears I made by machine, the others were all ITH.

pcteddyb by pcteddyb 8d ago

There is a facebook group that gives away several different bear patterns to use for Random Acts of Kindness (RAOK) just like Awesome1 did! Search for the group "AMEA Pay It Forward/RAOK Bear Promotion"

by lbrow 8d ago

I've never known a child that wasn't happy with a little stuffed toy. Great job! /Lillian

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awesome1 by awesome1 8d ago

A toy can do wonders with a small child!

by pennifold 8d ago

Great idea and I'm sure the children will be very comforted by them. Love Chris

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awesome1 by awesome1 8d ago

I hope so--it must be scary for a small child to see a parent taken away by a uniform.

by dragonflyer 8d ago

They are wonderful...what a great idea!

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awesome1 by awesome1 8d ago

I see the tv show "cops" and they often give crying children a toy from their car.

by babash 8d ago

What a lovely idea. Such a variety I am sure they will be hugged as you should be.

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awesome1 by awesome1 8d ago

What a sweet thing to say--we all love hugs!

by glob69 8d ago

So very sweet of you to do this. Hugs, Gail

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awesome1 by awesome1 8d ago

Thank you