by cooperal 11 Aug 2017

My youngest sister turns 65 next week and she's relocating to the Sunshine Coast in BC so I made her a set of pillowcases and used the Wedding Font J in white-on-white. I'm a little disappointed in the puckering and can't figure out why. This is a beautiful font and has very few jump stitches and I'm sure I'll use some of the other letters. If anyone has any advice on how to reduce the puckering I'd appreciate your input. The fabric is sheeting and I starched it well before hooping, stabilizer is no-show-mesh and I used rayon 40 weight for the embroidery. Blessings to you all, Avis


by crazypatchmama 14 Aug 2017

Your embroidery design is beautiful, am sure your sister will love it.
I also had a lot of problem with puckering while embroidering an altar table cloth for the Sisters of Charity, my fabric was polyester blend, I tried all kinds of stabilizer that I could find, G700 was the closest I could find from Vlieseline , to the Pellon knit, but it also did not work. I changed the font to Carlton UC at 7 inches and used 2 sheets of tear away stabilizers as advised in one facebook page. It worked. Will be posting mine later.
Am also learning, and have learned a lot from everyone here. Hugs

by toogie 13 Aug 2017

I have experienced a few puckers too, on some of Avery's bibs. I think it may be several things, but I was watching to read what others said. Sometimes no matter how well you hoop, it happens. Could be the density of design or poly/cotton, who knows. I do know it is disappointing, but if your sister is as nice as you, she will only see the love you stitched into her gift and appreciate it.

by sonjapotgieter 12 Aug 2017

Love this Font!!So Beautiful!!!Well done...Gorgeous

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cooperal by cooperal 13 Aug 2017

Thank you for your comment. The font has been collected letter by letter on the Freebie page of this Cutie site. Blessings, Avis

by lidiad 12 Aug 2017

The design may be too dense for embroidering onto sheeting. I would try making other pillows and choosing smaller and not dense embroidery designs. It could be uncomfortable to sleep onto a dense embroidery.
Good luck!
Hugs, Lidia

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cooperal by cooperal 12 Aug 2017

That could be true, didn't think of that. Anyway the design is very close to the hem so may not actually be slept on. I will remember your advice when I make other pillowcases and look for less dense designs. If my sister says anything I'll just tell her to turn her pillow over!! Thanks for your insight and helpful comment...always appreciated. Be blessed, Avis

by noah 11 Aug 2017

I use heavy bottom tear away and wws on top ***works for me??hugs

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cooperal by cooperal 11 Aug 2017

Thanks, Carolyn! I learn so much from everyone. Thanks for letting me know what works for you. I'll be doing some testing on this fabric for sure. Blessings, Avis.

by lbrow 11 Aug 2017

They are lovely. Could it be your tension causing the puckers?

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cooperal by cooperal 11 Aug 2017

I have NEVER had to adjust my tension on any design I've stitched out. But there's always a first time so when I do a stitchout I'll watch very closely. I appreciate all the constructive help I've been getting and thank you for teaching me of other things to look for. Blessings, Avis

by pennifold 11 Aug 2017

I agree with Kim, something a bit stronger on top may help alleviate the puckering. We can get it here in Australia.

Here is an excerpt from All Stitch machine embroidery supplies.

" Cover-A-StitchTM is a polyester weave fusible backing that is used to cover finished embroidery stitches on the inside of clothing. By covering the back of the embroidery, you are preventing threads from coming in contact with skin and causing irritation. Cover-A-StitchTM is perfect for infant and children's clothing to protect sensitive skin from scratch embroidery threads."

The picture is from Sophisticated Stitcher. Love Chris

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cooperal by cooperal 11 Aug 2017

I know we have something similar in our stores but since I don't have babies to sew for any more I've never thought to buy it for other items. Will have to give it a try. Everyone has been so helpful and I realize why this is a good group to ask questions about sewing/embroidery. Thanks for your willingness to share your product. Be blessed, Avis

by dragonflyer 11 Aug 2017

They are lovely...are they part polyester? Polyester is prone to some puckering. One way to help minimize the puckering would be to use a sticky type stabilizer to hold the fabric in place...another thought is to iron on something like cloud cover to the area you are going to embroider before you embroider to help stabilize the fabric more and should also help to reduce puckering...or both!

cooperal by cooperal 11 Aug 2017

I'm not 100% sure of the fabric content as I bought it off of a sale bin that was 70% I figured it would make great of my projects that are "one-size-fits-all" and I can make sets ahead of time. I do have some sticky stabilizer and I think I'll do a sample stitchout to see how it works. I've not heard of "cloud cover" in my area of Canada. Does it go by another name? and who is it made by? Thanks for your suggestions and comments. Blessings to you, Avis

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 11 Aug 2017

I use Pellon Sheer Knit Fusible Stabilizer on the back of all my is a link for JoAnns Fabrics...but Pellon is available in lots of other places...including WalMart...

cooperal by cooperal 11 Aug 2017

We don't have JoAnns here in Canada; however, we have Walmart. Unfortunately they no longer have a fabric department!! I'm certainly learning about stabilizers and may have to try a few new ones! Thanks for all your helpful comments. Avis

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 13 Aug 2017

You might want to Google "Pellon products in Canada" to see if there is a Canadian supplier...and always the option to order off the internet...

by glob69 11 Aug 2017

These are lovely and I know your sister will appreciate them. I would. Hugs

cooperal by cooperal 11 Aug 2017

Thank you for your comment. I'm pretty sure she'll like them, puckers included!! Be blessed, Avis

toogie by toogie 13 Aug 2017

I am sure she will like them too! ..