by basketkase 10 Aug 2017

After doing the earring I decided to do all my FSL's today, so these little buggers took me forever to digi and stitch...

2 of them are still drying (the manatee and pelican)...all of these fit a 5x7 hoop (go big or go home, right) I will be sending these to my Florida peeps for Christmas....they are all FSL Christmas Manatee, Fish, Otter, Pelican, Penguin, Turtle and Walrus......they will be up on my website tonight.....I used mylar on 5 of them and I think you can tell which ones......


by noah 11 Aug 2017

No elephant for my DIl they sure really nice Vicki girly****

by glob69 11 Aug 2017

Very cute! I see these in my future. Gail

by carolpountney 11 Aug 2017


by stork 10 Aug 2017

Have never seen any likes these....wonderful !!!!

by dragonflyer 10 Aug 2017

Nice job! Love the mylar addition...but YIKES, Christmas....I don't want to think about that yet...but I need to!

by sonjapotgieter 10 Aug 2017

Beautiful!!!Great designs

by pennifold 10 Aug 2017

Wow! Vicki, these look great, well done. I love the Mylar effect, haven't tried that as yet. Love Chris

by mops Moderator 10 Aug 2017

Beatiful work, but I don't want to think of Christmas yet, I want summer. I know, time flies and I'll probably will regret it later in the year, but for now I am thinking of making blackberry jam and chutneys; and of sea, sun and fun.
Great digitising, I love the mylar, gives it a nice sparkle.