by gdsteliga 09 Aug 2017

I was wondering if anyone else was having a problem accessing GORGEOUS STITCHES website.

I get a "warning, error, try refreshing" message.

Thank you


by shirley124 09 Aug 2017

Same here. hugs

by AuntAnnie 09 Aug 2017

Probably a site update.

by carolpountney 09 Aug 2017

I always have trouble and I cant work out how to navigate around so have given up pity because she has some nice designs

by pennyhal2 09 Aug 2017

I get the same message today too.
I always have a lot of trouble with that site. I give up after a while too. When I can access the site, moving around in it is too confusing and I can never figure out the hunt...or I just can't find it at all.

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gdsteliga by gdsteliga 09 Aug 2017

I agree. Maybe everyone looking for the X crashed the site. LOL

by toogie 09 Aug 2017

I haven't tried today, but I went through EVERY design/set and found all but the I and the X in the hunt. I found some 'eyes' that didn't work. I wrote the sets down I found the un-working eye in, so I could just go back to those sets and maybe find my other two. Well, when I went back the 'eye' has been removed. I am not looking through the whole site again.Sorry, I guess I just had to vent.

irenewayne by irenewayne edited 09 Aug 2017

Hi Toogie
Well you are a lucky girl, I have been through the site 3 times & the X is the only 1 I couldn't find. LOL. Must admit it took a long time to find the others, don't think I'll do any more as lovely as her designs are & I must add that I am v

irenewayne by irenewayne 09 Aug 2017

sorry didn't read it properly. Thought you said you found the X