by shirley124 07 Aug 2017

Thought I would share this with all the Fabric Scissor lovers. My daughter says she remembers this rule. So glad I taught her to treasure her good scissors. hugs


by shirley124 08 Aug 2017

I had to use mine to cut vinyl to line out the linen cupboards in our new home. I told Hubby I would (and have) be buying a new pair out of the grocery money. I made sure I bought the best. Hugs

by parkermom 08 Aug 2017

My daughter's husband actually used her good fabric scissors to cut a dvd in half! She was so mad...

pacmp by pacmp 08 Aug 2017

Hope she pulled up the cost of replacing those scissors for her, with the hope that her husband would never again use scissors meant for fabric on anything but fabric. If he has specific tools he uses for his business, that he had worked hard to keep in good condition, he would understand better, if he is not in that category of a husband, then I hope she ordered the top of the line scissors for a replacement with a note attached to them that these are the expensive ones, don't touch if you do not want to have to purchase another replacement. Goodness the arguments that this would have caused in most any serious sewers household. Hope he has learned more respect for those good scissors. Pam

shirley124 by shirley124 08 Aug 2017

I would have been also.

by graceandham 07 Aug 2017

That guy should probably look In the mirror.

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shirley124 by shirley124 07 Aug 2017

I agree, I am glad he is not my Hubby. Hugs

by jrob Moderator 07 Aug 2017

Yes, trouble indeed.

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shirley124 by shirley124 07 Aug 2017

I agree. Hugs