by jerrib 03 Aug 2017

Computer help if someone knows the answer.

I leave my computer on and the screen saver comes on. Then when I want to use the computer again, I can't, unless I hit Ctrl>Alt>Del..
I have tried everything, but don't know what to do. I used to be able to hit any key on my keyboard and then I can use the computer again. Does this make sense and can anyone tell me what I can to to fix this.


by brendalea 05 Aug 2017

If you are not using your computer turn it off. You are just burning out your mother board. I do not know if it is hot where you are but my laptop does the same thing. Might want to take it outside and blow it out as the dust that builds up on the fans doesn't help the system. Big companies leave there computer on because they can afford to replace them, as it is a right off for them. Hope those things help you. Happy Stitching :~)

jerrib by jerrib 05 Aug 2017

Thank you for the tip...
I have a fan under my laptop...I only use it for embroidery and travel and don't have this problem.
I have the Screen Saver turned off.

rescuer by rescuer 05 Aug 2017

Someone has given you bad information. The motherboard is not helped by turning off a computer. You should allow it to go to sleep, but shutdown is actually harder on all of your system. Companies leave them on so that necessary updates and scans can run while workers are out of the office. Home users should allow the system to run as that allows the cooling fans to work until the computer sleeps.
Excessive heat can ruin a computer. Computer fans are the solution.

by rescuer Moderator 03 Aug 2017

Disable ctrl+alt+delete upon waking up:
One thing to check. Right click on an empty part of the desktop and select Personalize. Then at the bottom of that window click Screensaver, if the "On resume, display login screen" is checked, remove the tick mark and hit OK.

rescuer by rescuer 03 Aug 2017

There was an update that caused this...
I will look for a solution if needed.

rescuer by rescuer 03 Aug 2017

Possible solution:

jerrib by jerrib 03 Aug 2017

Thank you rescuer, I turned off the screensaver, so hopefully that will solve the problem.
I appreciate your help.

shirl4146 by shirl4146 03 Aug 2017

On my computer I just hit "ESC," don't know if it works for you.

jerrib by jerrib 03 Aug 2017

No it didn't, I tried every key and nothing. I have just turned the screen saver off...from what I have read, it isn't necessary anymore.