by rescuer Moderator 27 Jul 2017

It is quite the complement that folks I know will trust me with their fancy dresses and expensive pants. However, I don't hem pants (except for my boys) and I won't even consider alterations for formal wear or dresses. The $5 I could make just isn't worth the headache. I don't even have the alteration tools...

I think I better show people what I do more often. lol


by zoefzoef 30 Jul 2017

You know what I don't like so much, is went you show someone a dress, or shirt that you have created, and ok I'm still a beginner so,everything isn't perfect yet.
But then you have people who really are looking for the faults to point then out to you.
Then I feel like asking if they also do this when they buy there own clothes in a store, because to be honest, when you look at clothes in a shop I do see sometimes lots of errors or things which are not sewed properly.

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rescuer by rescuer 30 Jul 2017

I always invite people like that to make one and then show me how they did it. I am sure your sewing projects are beautifully done! I wonder how many of the ones looking for faults really feel inadequate. Perhaps they need to bring others down in order to build themselves up.

by babash 29 Jul 2017

What annoys me is people who buy things that don't fit in the first place and think you can make it a perfect fit. These are people who don't sew and stand there and tell you it is just a matter of running it up there and shortening it here.
I once had a Woman from work get me to replace the zip in her skirt 3 times as they kept breaking even a Jeans zip went. She would not have it that the skirt was just too tight and that she had put on weight. Kept blaming bad zips.
Yet on the other hand I have a Lady who gets cross when I say how much and insists on paying at least half again of what I asked. It is just finding the good customers who appreciate your work.

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rescuer by rescuer 29 Jul 2017

I love it when people want to pay you more than you ask. Most of them really know what is involved with sewing/quilting/embroidery.
I suppose the same can be said for digitizing. I have tried it -- I am happy to pay for designs because of the work involved.

by mops Moderator 28 Jul 2017

I hate it even more when people add 'you are so crafty' in a voice that makes it sound both like a character fault of mine and an excuse for getting it free.
and I still fall for it now and again...

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rescuer by rescuer 28 Jul 2017

The incredulous looks when I explain mending isn't the same as embroidery. Isn't sewing all just sewing? lol

by pacmp 28 Jul 2017

Do what you love or for who you love to do things for, and steer clear of the rest! Life is too short. Glad you passed! These types of people can spend so much money on these items and so easily seem to put items into others hands without understanding the risk they could be taking. Wise is the person to not let those tasks fall into their own hands when they have not the skill to be doing those things as a business, embroidery you are gifted, alterations may be quite another...having not seen your work ;) . Family can be an exception if desperate...but the phrase CAN BE , can also open a huge can of worms that can be very unpleasant! Glad you made this escape! Smile and enjoy your embroidery machine! Pam

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rescuer by rescuer 28 Jul 2017

Smiling and happy I told them they need someone that can do alterations in their sleep.

by dander324 28 Jul 2017

If you only charge 5 dollars, no wonder they want you to do it.

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rescuer by rescuer 28 Jul 2017

That isn't what I would charge, it is what they offer. Some of the shops in the area charge $8 for hemming dress pants. They say I don't have the overhead -- so no need for the higher price. I just wouldn't be willing to pull my hair out for that price. lol

by basketkase 28 Jul 2017

I'm with you........I will not do alterations or repairs unless I can slap a design over it.......

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rescuer by rescuer 28 Jul 2017

I knew you would understand!

by rachap 28 Jul 2017

It's a hard place to be isn't it? I know I would like to help my friends out but don't want to take the chance of ruining something. I have finally figured out that if I tell them I know how to make almost anything but don't know how to "fix" things they are ok with that. I do love to make little-or sometimes big-gifts as a surprise and generally they are received with much happiness and thanks.

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rescuer by rescuer 28 Jul 2017

I like your idea!

by dragonflyer 28 Jul 2017

It can be a slippery slope sometimes when you are working with other peoples clothing or other items...I hesitate sometimes to alter or embroider on anyone's items in the event that there is a "mistake" and it could ruin the item...then you are in a real pickle!

rescuer by rescuer 28 Jul 2017

That is one reason I don't do formal or wedding gowns. I cannot even think about cutting fabric that costs more than $25 per yard.
I am glad I am not alone!

queenofhearts by queenofhearts 28 Jul 2017

I made custom made window treatments for many years and the fabrics cost well above the $25 per yard that you mention and it never bothered me but now that I am "retired" I don't want to work on people's things knowing something could go wrong. It just is not worth the little bit of money you make. I only do simple alterations for family and a few close friends and I don't charge for it.

by kustomkuddle 28 Jul 2017

Love it! I altered a wedding dress and only charged her $50 dollars because she was a friend of my daughter and her budget was tight.. Will never do that again! The hours I spent! I did tell her though that the alterations I made would have cost well over $200.00 in a shop. Now I have gotten myself into making new seat covers for my nephews popup trailer! Guess I'm going to have to learn the word no! he he he

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rescuer by rescuer 28 Jul 2017

Funny how people think that we can take 10 minutes and just throw something together or quickly fix or alter. Gratefully, there are folks nearby that appreciate what I do and never ask for a discount. I love doing work for them!

by jrob Moderator 28 Jul 2017

That's like asking Picasso to paint your barn. LOL

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rescuer by rescuer 28 Jul 2017

I have offered to do fancy hems suing the embroidery machine. lol They declined. The flowers were too much! lol

by mrskiki 28 Jul 2017

$5 !#!! The dress shops where these dresses are purchased want a minimum of $75. I just hemmed 2 prom dresses and they were needed in less than a week and as I was pinning the one young lady asked if I could add a slit. I told here I didn't know how to do that! I traded my services for cat/house sitting while we are on vaca for 2 weeks. Hugs. Nan W

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rescuer by rescuer 28 Jul 2017

The $5 was for hemming men's dress pants. I am afraid I would have laughed if the offer was for dress altering. I am sure the dress shops get paid more for dresses. Although, some of the shops closed their doors in recent years. I have only ever been offered the job for no pay. Maybe they had similar troubles.

by asterixsew Moderator 28 Jul 2017

I think however much you show people what you do you will still get asked to hem pants and mend holes.

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rescuer by rescuer 28 Jul 2017

I am sure you are right as I had information on the windows of my car and strangers would still ask me to mend and hem...

by pennifold 28 Jul 2017

He he he! Love this post!! Love Chris

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rescuer by rescuer 28 Jul 2017

I almost wanted to do one man's hem as he offered more than the shops would ask and he said he wanted to support local small businesses. :-D

by vickiannette 28 Jul 2017

Have been known to do alterations for my teenage grandchildren [who appreciate it] but get a bit nervous with anybody else, so usually make excuses. Love the post below about the quilting machine which only quilts [well I do know that these are in use, but suspect that this is an excuse too]

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rescuer by rescuer 28 Jul 2017

I hem my boy's dress pants, when I am in the mood. lol But I don't do their suits as they are purchased from a shop that does alterations.

by katydid 27 Jul 2017

I never do any alterations as I learned from the past that no one is ever pleased with what you do. I just say that I do not do alterations. Yes , I do do my granddaughters and that is free.

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rescuer by rescuer 28 Jul 2017

I had heard from other sewists that people would complain... Since it is not my favorite thing to do, I pass on the requests.

by crafter2243 Moderator 27 Jul 2017

I even hate to do my own.

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rescuer by rescuer 27 Jul 2017

Me too!

by graceandham 27 Jul 2017

Just for your information, my friend in Auburn alters formal dresses all spring long and charges a minimum of $20 for adjusting the hem. Maybe that would be worth the effort, though not for me.

rescuer by rescuer 27 Jul 2017

The only dress altering I have been asked to do was for a favor (in other words -- free). I declined. I get asked about hemming men's dress slacks all the time. Often they want someone cheaper and/or faster than the local shops. I decided any stitching I do, I should do because I enjoy it. ;)

graceandham by graceandham 28 Jul 2017

Absolutely. Pleasure sewing.

by fabricfairy 27 Jul 2017

My standard answer when asked to alter things is Sorry my machine doesn't do that kind of sewing , it is a quilting machine , just does quilting .

rescuer by rescuer 27 Jul 2017

Good answer!

vickiannette by vickiannette 28 Jul 2017

love it

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 28 Jul 2017

I love this!!

zoefzoef by zoefzoef 30 Jul 2017

Have to keep this in mind !