by basketkase 24d ago

OK, cuties, you how some people will say "I was born to be a ______", well, these designs are for them, they are called Baby Fireman, Baby Chef, Baby Cowpoke & Baby Pirate......they will be up on my website tonight....They are all 4x4 and I got all of them in my 10 x10 hoop.....I am laughing at the little monkey and bird with the eye patch...


by noah 20d ago

Well done my friend****

by graceandham 20d ago

Okay, but nobody ever confessed to me "I was born to be a pirate"! Very cute designs.

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basketkase by basketkase 20d ago

We hope not, right?

by katydid 23d ago

I never did know what I was born to be. It just happened! Kay

by pennifold 23d ago

Very good designs Vicki, love the detail in them all. Love Chris

by dragonflyer 23d ago

So cute, Vicki!

by sonjapotgieter 23d ago

Cute and Beautiful!!Well done Gorgeous

by stork 24d ago

Oh my, these are so adorable!!! I see more of these coming....

by pennyhal2 24d ago

These are just precious and all the little detais add so much for the eye to see! I think a lot of parents know what their child will be when they grow my friend who's baby boy started pounding onpots and pans as a baby and became a drummer in his adult life. I don't see a monkey or bird in the photo...are they just on your website? Or am I going blind?

basketkase by basketkase 24d ago

The monkey is on the back of he boat and the bird is on the front of the boat........they stitched out great, I was concerned about them cuz they are so small....

pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 23d ago

Oh dear! I'm embarssed that i missed them, but am glad you pointed them out to me. Those little eyepatches are a perfect addition to the design. I should have put my glasses on so I can actually see....

by bejoscha 24d ago

Very cute designs