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by asterixsew Moderator ( edited 26 Jul 2017 ) 26 Jul 2017

Just noticed that Embroidery Library have a brand new design/layout for their site and it looks great.


by mi30kaja 12 Aug 2017

It changed at the same time that I bought my new Computer and wondered if it was the Computer, then realised they had changed their Layout. Have to get used to it.

by pennifold 28 Jul 2017

I love it - so attractive, clear and light - mind you I've got a new computer we've had only 3 weeks with brilliant resolution. ❤️ Chris

by airyfairy 28 Jul 2017

I also think it looks good. Like all new things, takes a bit of getting used to. Lots of specials

by pennyhal2 27 Jul 2017

It would be good if we all emailed them with suggestions for improvement. I'm sure they spent a lot of money to change the site and probably won't change it, but might tweak it if we let them know what our problems are.

by 4evertwa 27 Jul 2017

Whoever is running Embroidery Library has made multiple changes and I don't see the deals like before and everything is $1.39. Use to be more variety in design prices along with a little excitement for their Happy Hour which has now become more or less 50% off. Seems like they are also running Urban Threads too which in my opinion distracts from focusing on one website rather than multiples. I'd be more than happy to see the site revert to the way it was before. Takes too long for everything to come up with my internet service being rather slow at times.

spendlove by spendlove 27 Jul 2017

Urban Threads has always been part of the Embroidery Library company. They began it to keep the more bizarre designs separate.

sewist1 by sewist1 28 Jul 2017

Agree about Happy Hour and the deals. Also they seem to have run out of ideas for designs. A lot of them contain previous designs which have been "re - fashioned". I used to buy from just about every new weekly release but find it hard to get excited these days. If the new site is in response to a downturn in sales I don't see it turning things around.

babash by babash 29 Jul 2017

I agree not many good buys these days. With the new this week if you bought the pack it was always a bit cheaper than buying designs separate. As with sewist1 I was buying every week now not even once a month. Better designs deals else where.

by 02kar Moderator 27 Jul 2017

I noticed it yesterday also. I admit I'm not thrilled with it but I will get used to it.

by sdrise 27 Jul 2017

I went into the site and thought I was in the wrong place I liked the other set up much better,, This new one is hard to get to things and takes forever for the pictures to come up. Everything was much clearer with the old set up. Defiantly not better. Even the Friday deals have been not so great lately..

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antjemaus22 by antjemaus22 27 Jul 2017

I also had a shock when I saw it. Everything is sooooo big.

by fabricfairy 27 Jul 2017

Must admit I am not keen either, but have to say most times we just need to move forward , we will get use to it .

by katydid 27 Jul 2017

Must check this out!

by sewist1 27 Jul 2017

I am not really taken with the new page either( I think it is insipid) and I haven't received the weekly newsletter either.

by jofrog2000 27 Jul 2017

I absolutely do not like it. And I wrote them to say so. My internet fluctuates sometimes, and it took forever for the picture heavy page to open. Told them they took an easy to surf, easy to load pleasurable site and messed it up. I am of the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" school.

by mranderson 26 Jul 2017

Cannot say I agree with you. I think their Home page could be a lot brighter. At first I wondered if I was on the correct site. I guess we will just have to get used to the new format.

by babash 26 Jul 2017

I saw that yesterday and I prefer the old one better. The light Blue writing is hard to see compared with the old site.

gerryb by gerryb 26 Jul 2017

I too, like the old one better. Now they look like just anyone else. And I find it harder to find things. Guess I just don't like change!!

4evertwa by 4evertwa 27 Jul 2017

I do NOT like the new website design. Before you could see most of your wish list instead now you have to scroll and scroll. Same with the new designs of the week. They went backwards instead of forward. Seems like since Debby the former CEO is no longer there, things have changed and not really for the better. Liked the other format much better and I don't think it's about NOT embracing change. If it were better, so be it. NOT!