by basketkase 25d ago

Got a couple more Native animals done....this is Native Bear and Native Eagle.......on the eagle I changed the color on the feather vanes and the webbing on the dreamcatcher and also on the eagle claw nails, I have digi'd them in white, but when I did the bear I noticed the white didn't show up well so changed the white to black.....Also on the bear, I closed up the loops on the several circles on the border......I must have gotten interrupted and failed to make these few has been fixed....these will be up on my website tonight.....


by pennyhal2 24d ago

It's good to see such great American Native designs! My BIL is a western artist. These would be great for him!

by noah 24d ago

Love them hugs

by greytgirl 24d ago

Absolutely beautiful. I can just see these on a wall hanging!

by sonjapotgieter 24d ago

Wow!!!Stunning ...Great designs!!!

by gwillmann 24d ago

These are beautiful. Your artwork is always so nice. Love these designs.