by stork 23 Jul 2017

Well Cuties, I went to Quilt Odyssey Quilt Show in Hershey, PA today with my daughter and 15 month on Grand daughter. It was very nice. Loved the vendor's mall and didn't get away without purchasing something!! The quilts were gorgeous and I did take some pics. Am trying to get done on the computer as storms are headed this way....will try and post later in the week!!!!


by kustomkuddle 24 Jul 2017

Like others, I am jealous. Have not been to a quilt show in quite some time. Would love to see your pics! DebB

by 02kar Moderator 23 Jul 2017

I would have loved to go too if I were still in New Jersey. but too far to commute now. Glad you had a great time. Stay safe from the storms.

by sewdeb 23 Jul 2017

Oh, I'm so envious of your trip to the show. I used to go every year with quilting buddies when I lived in PA. I'm glad you had a grand time - I can't wait to see your pictures! Hugs*, Deb