by kustomkuddle 21 Jul 2017

We just found out that a very good friend, Annette, has had a recurrence of Hodgkin's Lymphoma. She was cancer free for just over a year and now it has returned. They are going to be doing much more aggressive-and harsh-therapy for the next several months. I was wondering if you would please keep her in your prayers. Thank you.


by meganne 23 Jul 2017

Sending prayers for Annette and Angels to watch over her and give her strength in the battle to come.
hugs and blessings, Meg

by lidiad 23 Jul 2017

Prayers and hugs for Annette, her family and you.

by basketkase 22 Jul 2017

So very sorry to hear about your friend.....will keep in prayers.....

by kathymourie 22 Jul 2017

Praying for your friend, her family and you. God is Great.

by kustomkuddle 22 Jul 2017

Thank you for all for your thoughts and prayers. Today we will see her as her step-son graduates high school. Then next week, the chemo regime starts.

by nan2017b 21 Jul 2017

Very sad...sending prayers. I hope God grants the best to all of you!

by dragonflyer 21 Jul 2017

Thoughts and prayers to all...

by liliana1 21 Jul 2017

Sad news will be praying for Annette and family.

by graceandham 21 Jul 2017

Will be praying for Annette. Glad she has had a good year in between.

by 02kar Moderator 21 Jul 2017

I'm so sorry to hear this. She must be devastated. Of course she and her loved ones (including you) will be in my prayers. And I know there will be other Cuties who will b along soon and adding her to their prayer lists. Please keep us informed.