by gandu 20 Jul 2017

hi cuties is been a long time moving house a setting up nearly got me crazy move to country side .hubby love the place but I am not very crazy about it too much land for my liking. this is a macramé bag .took me over a month to get it done love to all cuties


by toogie 24 Jul 2017

Macrame' is something I never tried, but looks like you know all about it. Your bag is gorgeous ! Would love to see the inside too. Did you have a pattern for it? I need to google how to macrame'. Anyway, it is lovely.

toogie by toogie edited 24 Jul 2017

I wanted to say I love the land! Give me quite places to roam anytime! I hope you come to love it as well. Best wishes in your new home.

gandu by gandu 24 Jul 2017

Thank you toogle you do wonderful work too .the inside has got lining and a pocket don't have the .photo of it .is my own pattern what ever came to mine I did it

by dee 24 Jul 2017

gorgeous bag Been a long time since I did any macramé.

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gandu by gandu 24 Jul 2017

thank you I love doing macramé it took a long time to do since I used fine nylon mason line #18

by kustomkuddle 24 Jul 2017

All I can say is How exquisitely beautiful. Such delicate work.

by grossfamilie 24 Jul 2017

Amazing, unique and so beautiful!!! One advantage of living in the country side - you have time to do such outstanding work. I've done macrame long time ago using bigger ropes to make flower hanging baskets. So I can imagine what an awful amount of work you have done.
Thanks for sharing - Maria

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gandu by gandu 24 Jul 2017

thanks yes it took a long time to do but I love it I did a belt way back during school days this is the first bag not bad at all Lol

by lidiad 24 Jul 2017

Wow! Congratulations. that\s absolutely beautiful!
Hugs, Lidia

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gandu by gandu 24 Jul 2017

Thank you

by babash 21 Jul 2017

My that is so beautiful. So much time you must have spent doing such delicate work. I love it.

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gandu by gandu 22 Jul 2017

Thank you .It took me about a month .I did it on n off when ever I got the time.

by spendlove Moderator 21 Jul 2017

That is really beautiful - well done!

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gandu by gandu 21 Jul 2017

thank you

by shirley124 20 Jul 2017

Lovely bag. We have done the opposite to you. We have moved from the country to the city. It has been a long drawn out procress. Still have not quite got my sewing room how I want it. Before I set it up properly I have to make Hubby some windcheaters. I am ready to stitch them have cut out 3. Then I can set up the Embroidery machines. Hooray. Hugs

gandu by gandu 21 Jul 2017

Thank you I know the feeling of moving I cannot fine a thing in this new house .LOL

shirley124 by shirley124 21 Jul 2017

I am the same. Never again I tell my kids. Hugs

by liliana1 20 Jul 2017

WOW Absolutely stunning, love it

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gandu by gandu 21 Jul 2017

Thank you

by crafter2243 Moderator 20 Jul 2017

Excellent work. I haven't seen anything as detailed as this bag.

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gandu by gandu 21 Jul 2017

Thank you I would love to make another one with black n white but not so soon I still got to get my house back in shape my sewing room is in a mess LOL

by graceandham 20 Jul 2017

Lovely. I enlarged the photo and this is quite intricate work. You must be very patient!

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gandu by gandu 21 Jul 2017

Thank you Yes I have a lot of patient when it comes to needle work but unfortunately not for cooking.

by pennifold 20 Jul 2017

WOW! It's stunning, what a lot of work. I hope you can settle into your new home. Where have you moved to? Love Chris

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gandu by gandu 21 Jul 2017

thank you still in Illinois the same county but from town to country closer to our second son 's house