by noah 17 Jul 2017

Ok last week i showed you my idea on the neck of these dress towels now i thought up something i like better ****Look at the neck ok i never cut it out i just left it***If i could digitise i would make some nice oval shaped designs but*****for now these will do ***What do u think??Thanks for LQQKING!!!Hugs Carolyn

Off to camp tomorrow ****


by arisann 20 Jul 2017

Cutest ever!!

by softhearted1 20 Jul 2017

I like the kooks of these Carolyn. As seldom as I get into my sewing room, when I do, I opt for easy!

by grobin 19 Jul 2017

Looks great.

by lidiad 19 Jul 2017

i would leave the neckline uncut, they look great as they are.
Well done. my friend!
Hugs, Lidia

by robertahilde 19 Jul 2017

Excellent choice of fabrics and colours, like them all Carolyn.
Great job!

by shozo1271 18 Jul 2017

I love your little vintage style dresses! Really cute, and I don't think the neckline needs cut out at all. Great Job! Hugs and Flowers to all!

by aussiequilter 18 Jul 2017

they look wonderful Carolyn

by lbrow 18 Jul 2017

Carolyn, I like these especially the scalloped. I would go as the other cuties suggest, with the easiest/Lillian

by liliana1 18 Jul 2017

Love these absolutely fabulous

by pennyhal2 18 Jul 2017

These are really cute and fun towels! I sure wouldn't worry about the neck either. Love them!

by sonjapotgieter 18 Jul 2017

Love them as you suggest!!!Looks Awesome not cut out!!!beautiful

by elemausi 18 Jul 2017

They all look great, so I go with Mechille, take the easyst ore quickest one.

by basketkase 18 Jul 2017

I love how they look like old fashion dresses......I think I may have had one or two of these many many year ago......great job!

by mechille 18 Jul 2017

Looking good Carolyn. I like them both ways, so the one that is the easiest is the one I'd go with.. LOL Mechille :)

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noah by noah 18 Jul 2017

ok thanks hugs

by sandralane 18 Jul 2017

You have done a great job with these Carolyn. Like your idea, nice material and designs. Well done. Sandra.

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noah by noah 18 Jul 2017

Thanks Sandra hugs

by carolpountney 18 Jul 2017

Very nice and a clever idea. Have not made towel hangers for ages I just might try one like this

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noah by noah 18 Jul 2017

go ahead it is easy ***hugs

by babash 18 Jul 2017

If you have the designs by cuties there was one from Piebaldbully 21st April 2010 Design 4564710 it is 3.35 X 3.70 and would work as a neck line.
Or I would just look to see if I have a Blank Circle the right size or one I could adjust and cut the centre out when completed.
Love what you have done as well.

noah by noah 18 Jul 2017

thanks will check it out ****

noah by noah 18 Jul 2017

nope don't got it:(:(

by katydid 17 Jul 2017

Does the whole dress go over the oven door handle and then snap at the lower part? I don't see any reason to cut the neck line either. The satin stitch is definition enough. Kay

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noah by noah 18 Jul 2017

only half goes over the snaps hold it there next i will show one open ok

by pennifold 17 Jul 2017

I reckon if you made s template shape and put down some WSS you could do the neck shape. Otherwise one of our cute digitisers might help you out. Great job on them all Carolyn. ❤️ Chris .

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noah by noah 18 Jul 2017

i was thinking that too hugs