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by basketkase ( edited 16 Jul 2017 ) 16 Jul 2017

Here is a couple pics of the dog coats made from my can make the neck larger or belly area larger, just by cutting a longer strap........I love this fleece.. perfect for taking doggie along on a road trip....BTW, I tried to get a model for this and none of the cats would cooperate.......they are so not team players...LOL!


by pennyhal2 17 Jul 2017

Kitties are conceited and they think their fur coat is more beautiful than a coat and would be appalled if anyone tried to cover it up! Maybe you could get a neighbor's dog to model it. Love the snap and fabric!

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basketkase by basketkase 17 Jul 2017

Most neighbors have kitties.......

by cfidl 16 Jul 2017

Lol! You and your kitties are so cute. Love the design. I made one for my puppa and it was used well. Love the snaps.

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basketkase by basketkase 16 Jul 2017

Was hilarious, thought I was trying to humiliate them...LOL!

by dragonflyer 16 Jul 2017

So simple yet so useful...great job!

by graceandham 16 Jul 2017

Vicki, I thought you knew - a doggy coat is beneath their dignity. Very fine for doggies.

by noah 16 Jul 2017

Love them ****hugs