by kanny 14 Jul 2017

I made this cute little gift for my great niece, I love that I'm able to give handmade.


by kustomkuddle 23 Jul 2017

Beautiful gift. and lovely work. Adore the rabbit.

by noah 22 Jul 2017

Qwpjgdsawooooooooooo i am impressed hugs

by bevnorris 22 Jul 2017

These items are just so adorable :-) ! I love the face on the bunny blanket. I, too, would like to know if the blanket pattern is available, please?

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bevnorris by bevnorris 31 Jul 2017

In Kanny's absence, I am sure I have found this pattern on the website of My Petit Fleur Designs. Search for "lovey", the term given to the baby blankets. There are many lovely designs here.

by brendalea 16 Jul 2017

Very cute gifts. Lillian will out grow your handmade items, instead of the item falling apart. Thank you for sharing Happy Stitching :~)

by sonjapotgieter 15 Jul 2017

They so Stunning!!!Cute and Adorable!!!Great work done...

by carolpountney 15 Jul 2017

Very nice love both

by pennyhal2 15 Jul 2017

These are really cute!

by jrob Moderator 15 Jul 2017

Great job. I know that they will be a cherished gift. Pretty name, too.

by MuseandSew 15 Jul 2017

Love your cute outfit & blankie! Adorable! Where did you get the blanket pattern?

by dragonflyer 15 Jul 2017

They are beautiful! I love the baby bubble suit...did you make the lace for the sleeves too? Beautiful!

by grossfamilie 15 Jul 2017

That is very lovely and you are right it is so special to give handmade things to the loved ones. Thanks for sharing - Maria

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kanny by kanny 15 Jul 2017

Thanks Maria xx

by sandralane 15 Jul 2017

Wonderful gifts you have made, well done. Sandra.

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kanny by kanny 15 Jul 2017

Thanks Sandra

by lillybear 14 Jul 2017

Absolutely gorgeous, love the fabric you used, where did you find the romper pattern?

kanny by kanny 15 Jul 2017
Hope this link works, I've made a few of these rompers as gifts

lillybear by lillybear 15 Jul 2017

Thank you!

by dixie 14 Jul 2017

what a lovely set love the face on the bunny, is that a ITH design

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kanny by kanny 15 Jul 2017

Thanks 😊