by shozo1271 9d ago

This is from Vicki at This one is called Animal Flyer. I also purchased the set called Animal Racers, but have not stitched them yet. Are these the cutest little animals you have ever seen!?


by basketkase 9d ago

These are great!! I can see them along with the racers intermingled on a kid's quilt......super stitching......

shozo1271 by shozo1271 9d ago

Thank You my friend... I am glad you make such cute designs and so affordable too! That's my plan, to make the racers and mix them together on a quilt. Hugs and Flowers!

basketkase by basketkase 9d ago

Can't wait to see it!

by sonjapotgieter 9d ago

So cute and Awesome designs!!!!Beautiful!!!Well done

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shozo1271 by shozo1271 9d ago

Thank You! You are so sweet! Hugs and Flowers!

by pennyhal2 9d ago

"Cute" is the best word to descirbe these characters. I love all the little details and your stitchout is perfect! I'm hoping you do the car set too!

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shozo1271 by shozo1271 9d ago

Thanks! I sure do plan on doing the cars. These are SO cute!!! and it was a good way to use some color combos I would not have usually done. :)