by kanny 9d ago

I have never been a big bag or purse person, but since I have started making them 6m ago I have a bit of a collection starting. I love that I can totally customise them for me.


by decojo 8d ago

Terrific bags!

by carolpountney 8d ago

These are fantastic well done

by grammaheh1 8d ago

Love all of your bags! They are all spectacular!

by graceandham 8d ago

Love, love, love the pink and grey, but they all look wonderful. You've been a busy girl!

by lucy12345 9d ago

Wonderful collection, love the colour choices!!

by liliana1 9d ago

Great bags they look fabulous very well done better than anything you can buy

by BeckyAndersen 9d ago

Nice bags and very nicely done. I know what you mean. I think I am addicted to making bags and table runners. Love your fabric choices.

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kanny by kanny 9d ago

Thanks Becky, I always made childrens clothing and made my first bag 6m ago then had to make the matching wallet, now I'm addicted

by kustomkuddle 9d ago

Beautiful bags. They are gorgeous. Love them. Adore your patterns.

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kanny by kanny 9d ago

Thanks :)

by sandralane 9d ago

Stunning bags, unique and exquisite, they do look very professionally made. Your choice of colours is magic, well done. What a collection you have. Sandra

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kanny by kanny 9d ago

Thanks Sandra

by dragonflyer 9d ago

Extraordinary! These are beautifully done...and the piping...well, it looks spectacular...what is your secret to perfect piping?

lilylady by lilylady 9d ago

They are all perfect, love colors, designs, and style.

kanny by kanny 9d ago

Thankyou, I love piping and will add it every opportunity. No real trick on the piping, I do make my own piping :) pretty sure it just gets better with practice.