by kanny 13 Jul 2017

Another project that I done when on annual leave from work in June. This is made from a recycled woollen blanket lined with satin and with floral cotton and piping, I made this for my 6yr old granddaughter, its very cold and we are in the middle of winter here in Australia especially in Tasmania the Southern island state.

Anyway she loves it just as much as I do.


by babash 15 Jul 2017

Beautiful Duffle Coat. My Husband had one when we met his Mum had made it from a blanket as well. That was more than 50 years ago. She did it out of necessity now it is trendy to do it.
You have made it so lovely and hopefully big enough for it to fit for a few years as it will out last shop bought that is for sure.

by ribblev 14 Jul 2017


by parkermom 14 Jul 2017

What a beautiful job you did!

by tuross 14 Jul 2017

Beautiful and looks as though its professionally made.

by lin02 14 Jul 2017

For a very special granddaughter from a very special grandmother. So very sweet, its just beautiful

by gdsteliga 14 Jul 2017

Beautiful job. I bet the lucky lady looks adorable wearing it.
Hugs to you both.

by crafter2243 Moderator 14 Jul 2017

You did such a great job recycling. This is a darling little jacket and will keep granddaughter nice and cozy

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kanny by kanny 14 Jul 2017

Thanks, recycling these lovely blankets into jackets is quite big in the Australian sewing circle at present.

by kustomkuddle 14 Jul 2017

It is so cute. Looks warm also. Your granddaughter is a very lucky girl!
Wonderful way to recycle.

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kanny by kanny 14 Jul 2017

Thanks :) she is very special an only grandchild.

by lilylady 14 Jul 2017

It looks beautiful and warm, she will enjoy it!

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kanny by kanny 14 Jul 2017

Thanks :)

by dragonflyer 13 Jul 2017

What a beautiful coat....It will keep her warm and toasty, both the fabric with which it was made and the love that you put into it...

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kanny by kanny 13 Jul 2017

Thanks, It's a beautiful coat and I loved every minute of the make.