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by gramsbear ( edited 12 Jul 2017 ) 12 Jul 2017

7/12/17 Hey Cuties!!! I am again looking for Ice Hockey designs for a quilt for Christmas, I would like free, but do not mind paying a little, I only need 35 designs!!! Hahaha! I have some I can use but would like some fresh ones. Thanx sew much if you see any in your travels, I would appreciate hearing about them. Thanx again and happy hunting!!! Hugs, Judy...


by gramsbear 14 Jul 2017

Thanx for all the help!!! I think I've got enough designs now. I really appreciate all the help! Hugs, Judy...

by gramsbear 13 Jul 2017

Thanx sew much Angel!!! You have helped very much!!! Went & looked, and those are nice designs!!! Thanx again!!! I am so Thankful that we Cuties help one another!!! By the Way, a big WELCOME to Cute!!! Hugs, Judy...

by angelsbooda 12 Jul 2017

Hi there - Hockey has always been a love of mine and when my grandsons started playing I started looking for designs as well Embroidery Library has some very nice ones and if you catch a sale (they have different ones every week with added bonus sales on Fri-Sat for newsletter members) This was one I did last Christmas for him
If you like them more cutesy there's this one:
Hoop Mama also has very nice word-type hockey designs in both embroidery and SVG:
Designs by Juju has a sale right now 15 for $15 and they have a sport split design set that has all the sports including hockey - the split design lets you add the child or adult name in the middle
Bunnycup has a free hockey stick design on their free page;
Hope that helps a bit - Happy hunting

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gramsbear by gramsbear 13 Jul 2017

You did an excellent job on the shirts!!! They look great!!!