by jerrib 11 Jul 2017

I need some help. A few years ago I made all the girls in my family little FSL boxes.

It was all done in one hooping and when finished just folded up to close.
I cannot find the design.
This is a picture of them, but sorry not a very good one. Does anyone remember the design name and where it was from.
Thank you for any help.


by lbrow 14 Jul 2017

Glad you found your design Jerri, I think these are so sweet/Lillian

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jerrib by jerrib 15 Jul 2017

Thank you Lillian
The Girls still have them. I did each one in their favourite colours.

by dollygk 12 Jul 2017

Oh my Jerri, these were all in one hooping? How small are they... I made some but it took 5 hooping's, glad you got your answer!!

pennifold by pennifold 12 Jul 2017

Hi Dolly, I think she means only one design per hooping and then you just put it together. Love Chris

jerrib by jerrib 12 Jul 2017

Hi Dolly: My mistake, it was so long ago that I made them, I thought the design was all one hooping, but no each box was 5 hoopings. Once I found the design in my collection, I realized my boo boo.

by crafter2243 Moderator 11 Jul 2017

I believe you may find the design at Stitchdelight. The picture is a little too small for me to see the detail. Search first for Free Standing Lace and then Giftboxes. Good luck
It maybe AE017 Gift Boxes in Lace

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jerrib by jerrib 11 Jul 2017

Thank you, yes that is the one and I finally found it.
I appreciate your help...we can always depend on Cuties to help when needed.