by noah 13d ago

I wanted to make this for the wedding next month but i can't find it in my files and to go back here wellllllll i have thousand pages lol

Anyone know where it is from???Thanks Carolyn


by sandralane 13d ago

Oh! Carolyn, this will be very special tor the wedding. It is a stunning design, glad to see you got help, and found it. Look forward to seeing it / Sandra.

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noah by noah 13d ago

it is drying right now**/*

by toogie 13d ago

Oh I love it! Whose wedding?

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noah by noah 13d ago

A friend ****

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by dragonflyer edited 13d ago

Oh, Carolyn...I love glad you found it!! I think it would be lovely if it were personalized with their names and wedding date...

noah by noah 13d ago

Don't think it can be done??

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 13d ago

Oh, yes it certainly can!

by lbrow 13d ago

This is going to be a dandy/Lillian

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noah by noah 13d ago

Hi my friend hugs

by mechille 13d ago

Aren't cuties the best..... :)

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noah by noah 13d ago


by crafter2243 Moderator 13d ago

This could be from Stitchdelight

crafter2243 by crafter2243 13d ago

It is and I here is the info
DSS0561 Belgiumlace Suncatcher

noah by noah 13d ago

thanks got it now hugs