by stork 09 Jul 2017

I am in need of a realistic Redwork cow head approx 7x5 inches in size for some 4-Hers. Any help would be appreciated.......have spent way too much time searching already. Thank you.


by pennyhal2 09 Jul 2017

Artistic designs has a cow set that you could use as redwork.
I have a great redwork one in my collection...but I have no clue where I got it. It is titled "tete de vache". I googled it and can't find it, but maybe someone else on the Board will recognize it.

by powagrl 09 Jul 2017

I sent you a private message. Please look in your inbox.

stork by stork 09 Jul 2017

Thank you!

powagrl by powagrl 09 Jul 2017

You're welcome.