by graceandham 08 Jul 2017

Buttonholes! I just spent, well, way too much time, learning how to make buttonholes on my sewing machine. Of course, this meant being buried in the manual awhile - review how to thread the machine, how to make bobbins, what the buttonhole foot looks like (and then finding my accessories), matching buttons and thread to all the shirts, etc. My favorite embroidered shirts with pockets now can be buttoned closed on the pocket for when I carry driver's license and credit card! Another fine tailoring detail they "give" the men's shirts and omit on ladies'. At the end, when it was time to cut them open I remembered I bought a little chisel tool for that. You just hammer through the buttonhole and into wood and voila! Neat cut.


by airyfairy 11 Jul 2017

My Bernina sewing machine makes the most wonderful buttonholes automatically. All I have to do is line the foot up and of course cut through when finished. I have a tiny pair of my mothers scissors which are fantastic for the job.

by parkermom 10 Jul 2017

I have a tiny pair of buttonhole scissors that belonged to my grandmother. They work so well. I haven't looked to see if there are any still on the market, but I love my buttonhole scissors.

by cfidl 10 Jul 2017

Excellent! I would need a refresher for sure. I have collected the embroidery designs, so I could go that way. Lol!

by zoefzoef 10 Jul 2017

Buttonholes, still find it difficult to sew. The result depends so much on the fabric.

by jrob Moderator 09 Jul 2017

Mission accomplished! Great idea about the chisel. I love tools, and especially the ones I purchase and remember to actually use them when the time comes. :)

by awesome1 09 Jul 2017

And, you know, you can also make buttonholes with your emb machine. There are so many cute decorative ones--fun to put on shirts.

by meganne 09 Jul 2017

All together sounds like you had a great time reviewing your sewing machine and accessories. Well done!
Huge hugs n roses, Meg

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graceandham by graceandham 09 Jul 2017

Now that I've discovered embroidery, my sewing machine sits in a neglected corner. Last time I sewed with enthusiasm was tailoring with Stretch and Sew in the early 1980's!