by basketkase 18d ago

Wouldn't these make a cute quilt for a boy? I love their little googles......these are in sets of 3.....they are called Animal Racers1, Animal Racers 2 & Animal Racers 3...

these will be up on my website tonight.....


by sewmadau 16d ago

I have two great grandsons and would love to make both of them a quilt with these cute designs. Will pop over to your site later

by shozo1271 16d ago

So Cute! I think I need to buy these!! Would make an awesome little quilt! Could even be changed for a girl with all pinks and purple cars! Hugs and Flowers to all

by serendipity79 17d ago

so cute! you are so right, these would be great for boys!! hugs maria x x

by lidiad 17d ago

You are right, these designs would be perfect for a little boy's quilt.!
Hugs, Lidia

by noah 18d ago

yes they would make a nice quilt

by crafter2243 Moderator 18d ago

I agree. Would do really well for a boys quilt. Super cute

by sonjapotgieter 18d ago

For sure it would!!!Could be such an Awesome Colourful Quilt!!!Beautiful...

by lilylady 18d ago

Quilt would be great! Sew Cute!