by pennyhal2 01 Jul 2017

I have some tearaway/washaway stabilizer. It's a paper type stabilizer that is suppose to wash away over time...I guess. Anyhow, I wanted to use it in a pocket that will have fabric on top and on bottom. Will the stabilizer that is enclosed in the pocket eventally wash away from the fabric and end up in a lump at the bottom of the pocket in the enclosed area between the front and back part of the pocket? I hope I've said this so you can understand what I mean.


by pennyhal2 02 Jul 2017

I think I'll do a test wash and see what actually happens with the fabric I'm using. I did try to see if it'll dissolve in water and it didn't. Maybe there are different brands that "disappear" and others not so.

by mrskiki 02 Jul 2017

I use this type too and it washes completely away. No wads at the bottom of the pocket! Hugs. Nan W

by babash 01 Jul 2017

If it is the same stabilizer you can use on Towels I would say it would disappear. You could always cut a piece and put it in a dish with water and see what happens.

by crafter2243 Moderator 01 Jul 2017

Really do not know, but I would assume since it is called a wash away that it would do just that.