by designgirl 30 Jun 2017

HAPPY 150TH CANADA. Picnic tomorrow, hope it doesn't rain.Safe travels everyone and enjoy the holiday.Hugs Lynn


by 02kar Moderator 01 Jul 2017

Congratulations to all our Canadian friends on reaching this impressive milestone. Have a wonderful, fun and safe celebration. I've had the pleasure of visiting Canada may times and you all have a special place in my heart.

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designgirl by designgirl 01 Jul 2017

Thank you, we also love and have visited 48 states in your beautiful country

by dragonflyer 01 Jul 2017

Happy Birthday Canada!!! Hope all have a wonderful and safe celebration!

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designgirl by designgirl 01 Jul 2017

Thank you, hope for safe travels for everyone.

by jrob Moderator 30 Jun 2017

I can't say it better than the Queen of England!

“I am delighted to offer all Canadians my best wishes and congratulations on the
150th anniversary of Confederation. Countries throughout the Commonwealth and, indeed, around the world, rejoice with you as you embark on this special year.

Throughout the years, particularly since your Centennial year, I have watched Canada develop into a remarkable nation. You have earned a reputation as a welcoming, respectful and compassionate country.

Fifty years ago, on the eve of the Centennial, I encouraged Canadians to continue to embody the values of equality, freedom and inclusion.

Today, these values remain deeply rooted in the Canadian experience. Your country, while still young, has the maturity needed to follow its passions.

Throughout the coming year, you will have the opportunity to remind the world of the importance of protecting those values and of passing them on to future generations.

On this eve of national celebrations, my family and I are with you in spirit. We pray that God will bless Canada and that, over the next 1 50 years, Canadians will continue to build a better country and a better world.

As you prepare to mark this important milestone in your country’s history, I send my warmest good wishes to you all.”

crafter2243 by crafter2243 30 Jun 2017

She said it well. Happy 150tth CANADA

designgirl by designgirl 30 Jun 2017

Beautifully said, and thank you.