by noah 27d ago

Made a large plain white curtain for a friend ***3 yards in one piece lol lots of sewing lol Hugs Carolyn


by kustomkuddle 24d ago

Wow. Lots of measuring and sewing. Not for the faint of heart! The things we do for friends!! Nice job.

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noah by noah 11d ago


by toogie 24d ago

Looks like a topper or valance, but maybe you have it folded up. If I remember right I used 15 yards in my panels! Had 6 panels with I think 2 1/2 yards each plus the lining. I couldn't do it now with my wrist. Take care of yourself ( pot calling kettle black-😉)

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noah by noah 11d ago

well then be good girly****lol

by grossfamilie 27d ago

Yeah - this looks like plenty of work and measuring - doing curtains I always find it difficult to cut them straight. The pure white will look elegant in the window.

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noah by noah 26d ago

She loves white everything *****hugs

by dragonflyer 27d ago

Lot of is screaming for embroidery though!

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noah by noah 26d ago

no kidding but ******

by asterixsew Moderator 27d ago

I'm surprised that you didn't sneak a little embroidery on to the curtain. Must be for a very large window

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noah by noah 26d ago

i never saw it yet she just wanted it really thick lol

by 02kar Moderator 27d ago

That sure is a lot of sewing. I once made 3 sets of curtains with over 2 yards in each curtain. I decided once was enough. It had to be hard for you moving the fabric around with your wrists.

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noah by noah 27d ago

Sure Was thanks****