by noah 25 Jun 2017

Helped clean out an old couples home and had a large yard sale ****These were going to the dump so i grabbed them****the lady is 86 and her mom made the blue dress for her younger sister.thee other two no clue??The white one looks like a wedding dress i have never felt fabric like this before****I wonder if someone knows if there is a place to sale such things from the early 1900's*** i will see But i just had to show you Thanks Carolyn


by mechille 10 Jul 2017

These are really nice.. glad you saved them... I'm like the rest of the cuties, I bet that if you check with some of the vintage stores someone might be able to tell you something about them. :)

by lbrow 26 Jun 2017

Wow! What a nice find. Bet some of the local amateur theater groups would like to have them for costumes Carolyn/Lillian

by kustomkuddle 26 Jun 2017

Very beautiful. Such lovely finds. The style of the wedding dress-especially the neckline and dropped waist remind me of my sister-in-laws wedding dress that she wore in the early '80's. They say fashion circles around! Thanks for sharing.

by sdrise 26 Jun 2017

Nice dresses... very pretty lace too. You can do a lot with them. They are too nice to dump... Glad you rescued them. looking forward to seeing what you do with them.

by cfidl 26 Jun 2017

Wow! Lovely dresses. Yes I do believe the white one to be a wedding gown, and with such style.

by airyfairy 26 Jun 2017

Would love to know the history of these finds. Love all the little covered buttons on the wedding dress. So pleased that you saved them from the dump

by marianb 26 Jun 2017

Beautiful garments so glad you saved them from the dumpster.

by babash 26 Jun 2017

If you are wanting to sell them I would try contacting shops that sell Vintage clothing. There is a real market for that type of thing.
So glad you saved them from the dumpster.

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orangetiger by orangetiger 26 Jun 2017

Martha Pullen always had something vintage on her shows so I know you will find a market. Good save.

by toogie 26 Jun 2017

I like the child's dress for sure. It had to have an under dress or slip, because of the sheerness of the blue. Are these hand sewn or by machine? I'm glad you saved them, I would have too.

by sandralane 26 Jun 2017

Carolyn, such beautiful dresses from a bygone era. As suggested already maybe your local museum, historical society or theatre company. Ours out in Australia are always looking for this sort of special items to display. We have a wedding display in our local council in October the NEW and the OLD. Sandra.

by dragonflyer 25 Jun 2017

Wow, they are gorgeous...the top dress and and bodice of the fourth dress look like English netting...the wedding dress...perhaps silk...they do look like they should be in a museum...hard to believe they were headed for the dumpster...

by Sewmum1 25 Jun 2017

Oh so pretty. They look like they should be in a museum.