by judyoake 24 Jun 2017

Hi, everyone!! I hope that one of the wonderful experts here can help me with this problem.I am embroidering

a straw placemat .Jef design_I have set it up with sticky back on the bottom- to which my placemat is stuck. I have wash away
on the top.I had trouble with thread breaking on the first placemat. Second I have completed up to a point where the needle just continues in the same spot leaving a big gob of thread on the bottom.I have cleaned the machine-put in new bobbin-changed the thread- new purple needle and let her sit for a while.I have tried to jump over this area but continues to do same thing.restarted and still does this.What can I do differently? Help!!!


by babash 25 Jun 2017

Just had a thought. Could you take a picture of the mat in the hoop and also the problem area. I see 20 people have looked at your post but if they can see your dilemma maybe able to help you.

by pennyhal2 25 Jun 2017

If I'm working on something that isn't very flat, I aways put a couple of layers of wss on top. This may not work for you, as you may not want to get the placemats wet. Or maybe use the stuff that heats away. The other thing you might check is how high the presser foot is above the placemat. My machine has a function that lets you set how high the presser foot is. Even if it is pretty flat, it might be having a hard time moving across the top.

Since this seems to be a repeating problem, if you have more than one hoop, hoop something to use do a test run...hoopint a heavy or cutaway stabilizer works for me. See if that part of the design stitches out without on your test or not. If it stitches fine on the test, then you know it's not the machine, but something else that is preventing it from proceeding correctly.

Would like to know how you solved this problem too!

Once when I had a problem, I had put the bobbin case in the wrong direction.

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judyoake by judyoake 25 Jun 2017

I have WSS on the top.I have tried to use a layer of
tearaway on the bottom then put two layers with no change.
I have the machine on very slow setting.I have cleaned out under the needle- changed the needle-changed the bobbin.I can't see where I can change the height of the pressure foot so will go back to the manual..I will have another go at it tomorrow as I am frustrated now. Thank you . I appreciate your time to write a response.

by babash 24 Jun 2017

Is the design very dense? Also is there a thick piece of straw in the placemat?
I would use tear away on the bottom and use double sided tape to hold placemat in place on the outer edges. Also slow your machine right down to the slowest speed.

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judyoake by judyoake 24 Jun 2017

Not so dense but more dense in this area. I have also
slowed the machine down but still does it.
It's just a dollar store mat so not heavy.I will try the tape. Thank you!

by asterixsew Moderator 24 Jun 2017

No idea at all but by commenting your question returns to the top and others will see it. Good Luck