by hoschel 22 Jun 2017

dog coat for winter cosy warm,

collar can be buttoned off or roll out to cap


by pennyhal2 23 Jun 2017

Cute jacket! Now I want to see your doggie wearing it! Is it winter where you are now?

by airyfairy 23 Jun 2017

Lovely coat. Wish my little dog liked the coat I made him. He hates it

by Flghtlss 22 Jun 2017

So cute! My doggie would love one also. :)

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noah by noah 22 Jun 2017

Excellent job Mr.Peeko needs one lol

by baydreamer 22 Jun 2017

very nice

by sonjapotgieter 22 Jun 2017

Stunning!!!Would love to do one???Well done

by Bounty 22 Jun 2017

Do you have a pattern for us? It looks great! My dog should also have one.

Bounty by Bounty 22 Jun 2017

Or could you please post a picture of the pattern? We could copy it and adapt it to our dogs dimensions. Thanks a lot.

Bounty by Bounty 22 Jun 2017

Hast du den Schnitt selber entworfen? Kannst du uns vielleicht Tipps geben, wie du es gemacht hast? Hab eben erst entdeckt, daß du auch aus dem deutschsprachigen Raum bist.

hoschel by hoschel 22 Jun 2017

ich werde den schnitt noch mal sauber zeichnen dann mail ich ein foto...the pattern will be send to you after i worked him out nicly ;o)

Bounty by Bounty 23 Jun 2017

Dankeschön! <3

by laurasomi 22 Jun 2017

Sieht super aus, wo hast Du den Schnitt her??
Looks super, where did you get the pattern??

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hoschel by hoschel 22 Jun 2017

mit hilfe einer freundin gezeichnet

by sewdeb 22 Jun 2017

Very nice!

by toogie 22 Jun 2017

You've done a great job and such pretty fabric to match your dog.

by bemara 22 Jun 2017

süß, der Winter kann kommen :-)