by noah 18 Jun 2017

Look what i see out my window****Double Rainbow:):)Hugs Carolyn In Northern<Ontario Canada


by sdrise 20 Jun 2017

Beautiful!! We had one last week with all the rain we had .. Mother nature is so wonderful at times. Thanks for sharing!

by lbrow 19 Jun 2017

Haven't seen a dbl rainbow in a long long time Carolyn. Beautiful, beautiful but even more beautiful is God's promise that came with it when he put it in the sky. Thank you for sharing this with us/Lillian

by kustomkuddle 19 Jun 2017

Amazing. Just beautiful. Thank you for sharing. DebB

by shirley124 19 Jun 2017

Lovely photo. Hugs

by cooperal 19 Jun 2017

A double promise?? Avis

by jrob Moderator 18 Jun 2017


by cfidl 18 Jun 2017

Nice! I see them here in town several times a year.

by airyfairy 18 Jun 2017

Just love rainbows

by crafter2243 Moderator 18 Jun 2017

Beautiful. Love all rainbows.

by graceandham 18 Jun 2017

Lovely view. Every rainbow is a blessing, a reminder.

by gdsteliga 18 Jun 2017

Hi Carolyn.
Hope you didn't get the terrible storms they were calling for last night, with tornado warnings.
We are still hot and humid at this end.


by marianb 18 Jun 2017

Wow double the luck! Love the views from your place. Thanks for sharing. Marian

by castor 18 Jun 2017

the photo is awesome thank for sharing

by justsew 18 Jun 2017

do you know carolyn, iv not done much embroidery for ages, i am hoping to get some done soon as i am feeling a bit better, i was looking on cuties to give me inspiration, i saw a project you had made, it made me wonder what your weather was like at the moment for you, because in the passed i have seen the photos you have posted of such bad snow , and here you are answering my unspoken question , it looks lovely .
Hugs pam.

jrob by jrob 18 Jun 2017

Glad to see you pop in Pam. :)

noah by noah 19 Jun 2017

Snow is gone i have cut the grass 2xs now but the bugs are very bad:(:(ugly***i go to camp to get away from them hugs

by mranderson 18 Jun 2017

Beautiful view Carolyn. Strange to see a photo from you without snow. I am sure this is a pleasant time of the year for you. Enjoy. Hugs Marg

by pennifold 18 Jun 2017

I thought the same as Toogie, Carolyn. We don't get to see many photos of your beloved township without snow in it. Looks like summer has well and truly arrived! Love the double rainbow by the way. Love Chris

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noah by noah 19 Jun 2017

I will half to take some summer pictures soon lol

by katydid 18 Jun 2017

How beautiful!!

by robertahilde 18 Jun 2017

Beautiful photo, lucky Carolyn, it seems you have the best view of what nature provide!
Hugs, Roberta

by toogie 18 Jun 2017

Rainbows are beautiful, but it looks strange out your window......there is NO SNOW!-lol