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by sewmom ( edited 24 Jun 2017 ) 17 Jun 2017

Edited 6-24-17. 6-19-17 – 6-25-17. Freebie design links for 1 week Mon-Sun and Monthly links too. Feel free to add update comments : ) Keep on sewing!

REMINDER! I love making the list for all of you but as you know “things happen”. Sometimes the site goes down and other minor details. I would suggest you bookmark your favorite sites or try copying and pasting my list to a word document.

Daily links and sections for each day of the week. Sometimes I’m going to edit this post instead of add-ons so watch for edit dates! I won’t edit while on mobile devices so there will be add-ons too. Hold ctrl while clicking on the link to open a new window.
An asterisk * will be added to the section that’s changed when I update.

DON’T MISS (occasional freebies and temporary dailies)

Hatched in Africa: Just Scroll Monogram Alpha will change randomly so check daily. Look for Free Weekly Collectibles on the right and/or the New page link at the top left in red lettering. Log in. Also check Free Stuff section.

PNW-Check Samples on the left

Britt- Check Free Samples on the left.

San Francisco Stitch Company-watch for new freebies

From the Needle of Anne. Sample page and several free sets amongst her other sets.

TT’s World -Bunny alpha up to J-Z. Go to Freebies on the right.
These may not stay up so get them quick.

Julia’s Needle Designs-check free section on top tab

ITH designs-free felties

**Sonia Showalter: Pearls & Roses Alphabet L. R is not free. Letters change randomly.

Bible Verses and more.

Embroidery Broderie: New freebies on the home page. Go to Alphabet Embroidery on the far left pull down menu for the full alphas in 1 click.

JSAMS-Links at bottom of page. Also go to Sticken at top and hover then click on Download Stickdateien to see the pictures and download links.

DAILY LINKS (most in this section change daily)

Designed by Jane. Freebies will be announced in the newsletter, not here in my post.
Go to LAGNIAPPES for more free samples occasionally.

*Betty’s Original Embroideries: Sunflower Blend Font ABCDEFG. Check after 11 am EST.

Threadlove: occasional new freebies in the new sets.
Do ctrl f5 to refresh your page if you don't see it.

Sew4Home Projects

Tex-Expert - The freebie is a picture in the lower right column. Psf and dst download links are below the picture. If you get the psf file the old Pulse Ambassador will open it and convert it. This is not the online version but an old downloadable version. Embird will also convert psf. Use Slovak language for translation.

Embroidery Allsorts: Cowboy alphabet will start again when she fixes the shopping cart. Thank you Alice.
Letters change at 2:00 am Brisbane time.

My Gardened: Little Bird Alpha NOPQR. For letter A there will be a charge, and the rest for free for 48 hours each letter. Thank you Yoriko.
Designs will stay up for 48 hours so that everyone can get them! Designs change at midnight EVERY OTHER DAY, UTC+2, which is 7AM in NSW Australia time or 2 pm California time (PDT)
(Letters available depends on your time of day.)

Embroidery Café: Waiting for new designs. Thank you Christie.
Home page
Freebie page

*Amazing: Winter Font opqr…stu when available for voting

CuteAlphabets: Zoo Animal Font LMNOPQR

CuteEmbroidery: Check for new designs.

Newest designs at Cute.

Adorable Applique: Check for new design

Designs By Sick voting results: Check for new

Design By Sick Hourly Freebie.

EmbHome: Check for new design

SEWFORUM –Sign in at Sewforum then come back to this post and click the link again. It will work now that you are signed in. This is a NEW SERVER, update your bookmarks. I will announce individual new designs if I have time.

Embroidery Shristi: Check for new alpha or other freebies. Home page


Charming Curly Alphabet VWX at Designs by Lizette

OPW/Oregon Patch Works: Look to the left for Read Weekly Newsletter for more samples.
You can join the Freebies Club for more designs (look to the left).

Skeldale House site: Ellida Font W
Refresh page with ctrlf5 if you don’t see the new letter.

Stitched Impressions: Check for new designs. Sign up for newsletter on website to access freebies.

Clipartoon: Digitizers check for new clipart.

Clipartopolis: Digitizers check for new clipart Check for new designs. Up to 4 freebies here

Madwoman of Locke Street Set-Check home page and collections clues for new freebie.
Home page- go to Collections on the left to find the Clues.

Sticky Kids alpha waiting for ST and 2 designs.
I have removed the instructions since you can click on the flags to change the language.
Click Stickdateien or Embroideries on the top right then Freebie box below.

Embroidery Designs: Pick 3 free per week
You can get 3 free designs here every week. This page should link to the newest freebies but you can search for designs too

Ann The Gran: Pick 3 free designs per week

Grand Slam Designs: Pick 3 free designs per week. You can search and use pull down menu.


BFC. Many sets may have freebies. To see the newest freebies go to New Arrivals in the top bar. Then click on the designs. If there is a freebie there will be a note on the right of the design page that tells you what is free. There is also a Free Tutorials and More section.

Thread Treasures: Check new sets for freebies. Also check the freebie page on the right.

Ultimate Stash- a Division of John Deer’s Adorable Ideas. Create an account. Go to Free Design on the left. Click on the picture of design. Click on Download the Design under the picture.

Nicoles: This one is not necessarily on Tuesday. Newest set is at bottom of page. Freebies on bottom of set pages.
New Designs 2017
New Designs 2016
New designs 2015
New Designs 2014


Basketkase Designs by Vicki. Spring Numbers 4. Go to Free designs at the top tab. Click on picture then click on Download to the right of the design. Thank you Vicki!

Adorable Applique Day-check for present


Hyfi’s House- check for new designs.

Cooking Alpha N by Tatjana and other freebies
Click on the picture of the design then scroll down and click on the red lettering that says Freebie.

Embroider It: Double Applique Banner N

Cute gift

Clipartopolis and Clipartoon: Digitizers check these for clipart.

Vote for new freebies for doll clothes on this Pixie Faire blog.


I’m sorry I’ve had to remove the links to some of the sites you have been enjoying. I have to follow the rules of the Cute site.

Sew Terific- Check for new designs.

Ageless- check for new designs

Free design link on the left on Home page. Check for new.

Basketkase Designs by Vicki. Spring Numbers 5. Go to Free designs at the top tab. Click on picture then click on Download to the right of the design. Thank you Vicki!

Starbird Stock Exchange: Check for new design

Present day for 48 hours

Weekly free Doll Clothes for sewing. Look at top Banner or hover over Freebies to find Freebie Friday. Also check Free Patterns.

Bugaboo Stamps: Digitizers check for free clipart design. Freebie link on the right.

Craftsy free pattern Friday. This blog has assorted types of patterns such as embroidery , needlework, crochet, sewing, etc. Scroll to find the Friday blog.


Gorgeous Stitches: Beautiful Alpha Caps D will be up for 2 days.

Home page, check for new designs

Becky J: Cross stitch sample designs. Refresh your page with ctrl F5.

Ann The Gran Blog –Check the first new ones for free designs and interesting articles

Embroidery DK: Weekly freebie
Click on “New this week”. Look for the picture that says “freebie”. Scroll over it for a stitch out picture. Click on the picture for download link.

Charming Station: Snowman 499-refresh your page with ctrl f5 if you don’t see the new one.


Gorgeous Stitches. Crown Alpha R. Go to Alphabet Collectible Sets at the top and scroll through the alphabetical pages or use the search engine on the left. Download link is on the letter’s page. Do not put it in the cart.
Link in Saturday.

MONTHLY Feel free to add the ones you find too.
An * here means the monthly design is up.

*Embroidery Library

*Urban Threads. Go to Freebies in left column.

*Julia’s Needle Design-Link in Don’t Miss

*Basketkase- Link in Don’t Miss

*Advanced: Go to Free Designs on the left

Sue Overy – Go to Free on the right top.

Emioli - Freebies link in left column

*Silver Threads Club at OPW. Link in Monday. Go to Silver Threads on the left and then click on Current Designs Pack. Scroll down.

*Premium Designs Club at OPW. Link in Monday. Go to Premium Designs Club on the left.

*Creative Machine Embroidery Magazine

*Gumnut Gallery: Go to Free Design on the left.

*Kreations by Kara-Link at top and bottom of page

*Brother USA: Design of the Month.
Hover over Projects and Free Designs on the left for more.

Amazing Designs

*Embroidery Online: Go to Specials then Free Designs –set the page to “Release Date” to see the most recent.

*Liane Stitch:
1.Go to Free Designs on the left then click on the pictures at the top also scroll down to NEU. There are several places that say NEU so look around.
2. Go to Kreative PE-Design for more designs
3. Go to Kaufmuster to check for more designs

*Oma’s Place

Last week’s post


by dragonflyer 25 Jun 2017

Crown Alpha R at Gorgeous in Saturday

by perraut 25 Jun 2017

merci beaucoup !! Cricri

by gramsbear 25 Jun 2017

Thanx for the great week of Links & Updates!!! Hugs, Judy...

by dragonflyer 25 Jun 2017

Snowman 499 Beach Bum at in Saturday...

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by sewmom edited 25 Jun 2017

Next week's post is up.
Don't forget to get your monthly designs before July.

by sewdoctor 25 Jun 2017

Thank you

by genin 25 Jun 2017

Thanks and Banner Cupcake to Embroidery It

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sewmom by sewmom 25 Jun 2017

Go to Day 5 of the celebration (since day 7 isn't up yet) and click to get the freebie near the bottom of the page. That will take you to the page with 3 free designs on it.

by PatriciaMothersell 24 Jun 2017

Thanks so much.

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by sewmom edited 25 Jun 2017

New hunt at Gorgeous Stitches. Search through the website for the New Alpha Caps named White-Work BlackPearl Alpha Caps. 10 days to find them, no hints. Link in Saturday.

by flitter 24 Jun 2017

Thanks very much for the updates!

by dragonflyer 24 Jun 2017

Beautiful Caps D at in Saturday

by gramsbear 24 Jun 2017

Thanx!!! Didn't look far enough on Emb It!!! Hahaha!

by dragonflyer 24 Jun 2017

Pearls & Roses L at Sonia' in Don't Miss

by sewdoctor 24 Jun 2017

Thank you

by sewmom 24 Jun 2017

Banner Party Hat at Embroider It. Go to Day 5 of Birthday celebration. Link in Thursday.

by dragonflyer 24 Jun 2017

Paris Owl 14 at in Don't Miss

by PatriciaMothersell 23 Jun 2017

Thanks so much.

by perraut 23 Jun 2017

merci beaucoup and have a nice week--end !! and for course for all Cuties!! Cricri

genin by genin 24 Jun 2017

Bonjour Cricri, J'ai une petite question car j'ai un peu de mal en anglais mais tu sauras peut-être m'aider.
Depuis un certain temps, je ne vois plus de motifs gratuits sur Embroideryonline, est-ce le cas ou dois-je partiquer autrement pour les voir car je ne vois 3 pages actuellement qui sont identiques depuis un bon moment?
Merci d'avance pour ta réponse Claire

sewmom by sewmom 24 Jun 2017

Vous devez suivre ces conditions pour voir le design le plus récent. Je ne l'avais pas suivi pendant un certain temps alors je ne sais pas combien de temps la conception la plus récente (la chasse) a été terminée. Broderie en ligne: Passez à Spécial, puis Dessins gratuits - définissez la page à "Date de sortie" pour voir la plus récente

sewmom by sewmom 24 Jun 2017

You must follow the instructions to see the latest design. I had not followed this site for a while so I do not know how long the most recent design (hunting) was released. Embroidery Online: Go to Special, then Free Drawings - set the page to "Release Date" to see the most recent

dadybrode by dadybrode 24 Jun 2017

Bonjour c'est Dadybrode, effectivement depuis un bon moment ce sont les mêmes motifs sur les 3 pages, je n'en ai pas vu de nouveaux. Bonne fin de semaine à toutes.

sewmom by sewmom 24 Jun 2017

Thank you Dadybrode.

by genin 23 Jun 2017

Thank you very much and a good week-end to everybody!

by gramsbear 23 Jun 2017

Thanx sewmom!!! Hope your weekend is as great as you are!!! Hugs, Judy...

by sewdoctor 23 Jun 2017

Thank you

by linwood 23 Jun 2017

thank you, have a great weekend

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by dragonflyer edited 23 Jun 2017

Just Scroll S & T at in Don't Miss...

by sewdoctor 22 Jun 2017

Thank you

by PatriciaMothersell 22 Jun 2017

Thanks so much.

by flitter 22 Jun 2017

Thanks very much for the list and updates.

by gramsbear 22 Jun 2017

Thanx for all you do for All!!!

by perraut 22 Jun 2017

merci beaucoup !!!

by genin 22 Jun 2017

Thank you very much!

by sewdeb 22 Jun 2017

Thank you!

by sewmom 22 Jun 2017

Cooking N

by PatriciaMothersell 21 Jun 2017

Thanks so much.

by flitter 21 Jun 2017

Thank you very much, you are most appreciated.

by genin 21 Jun 2017

Thank you very much for the update!

by aleene 21 Jun 2017


by gramsbear 21 Jun 2017

Thanx for the Links & Updates and being such a sweet Cutie!!! Hugs, Judy...

by sewdeb 21 Jun 2017

Thank you! Hope you have cooler weather today.

by sewmom 21 Jun 2017

N is up at Embroider It. Link in Thursday.

by PatriciaMothersell 20 Jun 2017

Thanks so much.

by flitter 20 Jun 2017

Thank you for today's updates.

by chenille 20 Jun 2017

Thank you!

by sewmom 20 Jun 2017

Pearls & Roses Alphabet- K. Link in Don't Miss.

by gramsbear 20 Jun 2017

Thanx and have a great day!!!

by genin 20 Jun 2017

Thank you very much!

by aleene 20 Jun 2017


by sewmom 20 Jun 2017

Embroidery It has Balloons today. Go to Day 2 of the Birthday Celebration articles. Link in Thursday.

sewmom by sewmom edited 20 Jun 2017

Download link doesn't seem to be working yet. I sent a message.

gramsbear by gramsbear 20 Jun 2017

Worked for me just now!!! They are nice & go along with the Alphabet Banner...

sewmom by sewmom 20 Jun 2017

Gramsbear, Did you click on the word HERE? It's not highlighted like a link for me.

sewtired by sewtired 20 Jun 2017

I got there from a link in my newsletter. I also could not find a link at the website. She does say it will be free all week, so hopefully, she will get a link working soon. If it's allowed, I would be glad to share a link from the newsletter, but I don't want to break any rules.

sewmom by sewmom 20 Jun 2017

The newsletter link lead me to the same page where it didn't work.

sewmom by sewmom 20 Jun 2017

It's working now.

momac by momac 21 Jun 2017

Thank you so much for letting us know and for all the weekly sites you put up.

by sewdoctor 20 Jun 2017

Thank you

by dragonflyer 20 Jun 2017

Just Scroll R & S at in Don't Miss...

by PatriciaMothersell 19 Jun 2017

Thanks so much.

by flitter 19 Jun 2017

Loads of thanks for the links and updates.

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by sewmom edited 19 Jun 2017

Flowers of the Soul 4 at Stitched Impressions. Link in Monday.

by gramsbear 19 Jun 2017

Thanx!!! Hope you had a great weekend and try not to melt this week!!!

by perraut 19 Jun 2017

merci beaucoup et bonne semaine, thank you very much and have a nice week !! Cricri

by dee 19 Jun 2017

Thank you

by linwood 19 Jun 2017

thank you for the links, have a great week

by gigi70alvarran 19 Jun 2017

Thank you.

by sewmom 19 Jun 2017

Sewing Mini 8 at Britt. Link in Don't Miss.

by dragonflyer 19 Jun 2017

Ellida W at Skeldale in Monday

by dragonflyer 19 Jun 2017

Charming Curly VWX at Lizette/ in Monday

by sdrise 19 Jun 2017

Thank You!!

by sewdoctor 19 Jun 2017

Thank you

by toshi 19 Jun 2017

Thank you.

by genin 19 Jun 2017

Thank you and Holly Monograms and borders to themadwomanoflockestreet