by undecided 16 Jun 2017


I was just wondering....
I LOVE this forum, and its the only embroidery forum i currently use, I was wondering if there is another forum that might be more active in terms of digitizing software?

I just bought the embrilliance software....but am probably returning it. I'd rather not and hoping to find people who might be able to help, but also, people with experience with other software too, to find out what software can do a better i was thinking a forum dedicated to digitizing but not a particular brand?

I am part of a few FB groups specific to this software but it doesnt seem that people there ...are able to help...


by Patricia103 09 Nov 2017

Embrilliance have lots of youtube videos and there is a forum on there for users. Don't use it myself but was invited to some years ago and the lady who does some of their tutoring has a blog where she answers question. Now, what was her name?? OH, just read above again - you most likely are on her blog page. If so ask her again, she likes to talk.

by stock 08 Jul 2017

I use pe design and purchased tutorials from secrets of embroidery, these helped a lot as every step was explained, I googled and they do have them for embrid, good luck you will love it when you get started...wendy

by mops Moderator 20 Jun 2017

The main thing is reading the manual and do their exercises, practising each tool (lines, columns and fills) till you can do it blindfolded. It takes time. Whichever software you choose you have to invest time to digitize. The only way to become a proficient digitiser is PPP - practise, practise, practise. Download a number of free artwork designs (clipartoon, clipartopolis, bugaboostamps), or simpler still use hearts, circles and ovals, rectangles, and give it a go. Once you get the hang of it there will be no stopping you. But learn to walk before you run - don't start with an intricate bouquet of flowers.

I use Embird and Pfaff/Husqvarna 6D; used PE in the past (early 90s). The principles are all the same: choose the tool, set the nodes, set the parameters ( like sort of stitch, angle and density); ease of use do vary.

undecided by undecided 21 Jun 2017

I feel a little silly, i probably should have just spent less on Embird. I just wish i could find someone local who has it. I know that they let you use some of the software as a trial, but without the features that i would be buying it for :( That was the draw to this Embrilliance, i did the demo, but it is hard to really understand the software if you are not stitching the design out, it was there i found i could not see the stitch functions...that the software was adding a ton of trim/jump stitches in the middle of a design, and i only found out after i purchased and started stitching. i have read the manual and watched all of the tutorials i could find. if i put the design into truesizer i can see the stitchfunctions, but i can do nothing to change is embroidering a red patch, trims and picks back up right there! and keeps stitching, 1 stitch,trims, and so on, it is not even moving away! other times it satin stitches 1/4 of a continuous circle, moves to the opposite side and does another 1/4 sort of crazy!

mops by mops 21 Jun 2017

I do not know what you mean by 'stitchfunctions'.
In Embird you can use the simulation - the icon with the sewing machine. You can see the design being stitched out on screen. The best way to spot mistakes and irregularities. You still need a test stitch to judge density, etc but you'll be able to see stops and jumps, illogical stitching order, overlaps, forgotten underlay,

Inspecting the object list - the right panel in Embird Studio - is another way to detect problems in a design.

Maybe you could ask a specific question, one problem at a time, so we could help with that. Make screenprints to show what you mean and there might be someone that can help.

by asterixsew Moderator 17 Jun 2017

Hi I have Brother PE design and I learn what I want on a need to know basis. I think that the reply that graceandham has given is brilliant. To master digitising it takes time and effort. If I spent more time I would be much better. Embird seems a popular choice for quite a number on Cute. I know that you have been wanting to get softwear to digitise for a long time so hope you get to grips with what you have bought. Do let us see your results

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by dragonflyer edited 17 Jun 2017

I have heard that Embrillance offers good support...I would try it for the 90 day period before you decide to return it...I am sure once you get going with it, it will be fine...learning any software program takes time, practice and persistence. I'm not sure what a bargain it is price wise if you have to purchase all of the modules to allow you to access all of the digitizing features of some other full digitizing programs...I didn't see anything about using True Type Fonts, either, but I didn't really investigate all modules thoroughly. If you are looking for a full featured digitizing program, I would do the math for all of the modules you will need to purchase in order to achieve your goal...cost wise, it might not be such a bargain.

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undecided by undecided 21 Jun 2017

Embrilliance, I will say that their support will get back to you. But I have not really recieved answers. Even when asking clear yes or no questions! they ignore those. they ask tons of questions, and i answer them all. still no response, for instance, as to wether or not their software has a way to view stitch functions (like the truesizer by Wilcom) so while i am left to assume that the answer is no, as i have searched extensively and repeatedly asked the question. I would prefer them to just say, NO. Right? Also, as far as i can tell, their response to my wanting a shape with corners, was to use curves, and that i should only use one curve per 1/2"!!!! those are some crazy limitations! so not much but frustration from customer service....just quick brush off responses

by rescuer Moderator 17 Jun 2017

Have you tried the forum at the link? They seem to have a lot of posts.

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undecided by undecided 21 Jun 2017

the Embrilliance forum is rather dead. the basic essentials has a little activity. but mostly, just a lot of unaswered questions :(

by graceandham 17 Jun 2017

Haven't explored forums for that. However, with digitizing, you have to invest the time to learn the software, and you need to keep your skills going by digitizing almost daily if you want to get really good at it. I did all the training (and Floriani is covered up with training - workshops, online, books, Support, forums...) but found it was not something I was going to do daily. I found what I really love is the stitching out and you don't have to digitize to do that! I use my software for lots of other things - combining designs, resizing, simplifying designs, adding beautiful lettering, manipulating the letters into interesting shapes, etc. Good luck with your digitizing!

by meganne 17 Jun 2017

Have you searched through Yahoo Groups?
hugs n roses, Meg (also from Aus)

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undecided by undecided 21 Jun 2017

will try that, i am on a facebook group, again responsive.....but the more i try to find out, the more i realize how little there is, I am believing that i have been duped...the software is not that great and real support is not available :( Yet, it has so much potential. If these basic tools are being held back for upgrade i wish that they would just release it!

by pennifold 16 Jun 2017

I'm sorry I can't help you 'undecided' - I don't digitise, but there are a lot on here who do and I'm sure someone will come along soon to help you out. Love Chris, Newcastle, Australia

joannethesewinglady by joannethesewinglady 20 Jun 2017

Hello there, I hope you give this software a chance. There are a number of Youtube videos ( )that will help along with the software forum. I agree with another user - practice, practice, practice. It's not a point & click easy fix software - but it works. Good luck.

undecided by undecided 21 Jun 2017

Hi I just want to let people know that i have put the time and effort in. I am an engineer by training. I have put my full time and attention into trying to manipulate the software. It is true that I am not using it make simple circles. To pay this much for software, you expect it to have certain capabilities. the advantage of computers is that everything should have the ability to be user controlled. I.e. changing default colors so that you can actually see them on your sewing machine LOL! AND those changes should have the ability to be set once across the board and held, that is not really a big deal, UNLESS you CAN'T...which is where I am at with this software....and this just from trying to digitize one simple outline!

pastergirl3 by pastergirl3 24 Nov 2017

I digitize all of my own designs and I use embrilliance software. I love it! However, you can't just jump in and expect to be a proficient designer. You have to learn each piece of the program. Every single stitch has a purpose. There is no automatic digitizing in any program that will give you the most beautiful design. You really have to study it and learn all the steps and take classes. Here is a link to the FREE online classes. I did take the stitch artist classes and they were excellent. Now they are offering FREE classes for the other modules like enthusiast and essentials. This is where you should start.....
After that you should look for more classes at that site and definitely do the stitch artist classes if you have Stitch artist from embrilliance. Trust me, you will NOT be wasting your time. I don't know if the forum is of any value. I prefer a more active forum, but the classes are FREE and INVALUABLE!!!!! Here is the link to the stitch artist classes....
I hope "by undecided" reads this post. I am a computer geek and I have a small business on the side building computers and troubleshooting and repairing the computer problems people have. I have reformatted and "fixed" countless computers of all makes and models. However, this embrilliance program has functions that a computer genius does not come across in any daily occurrence. The stitch functions are entirely different. You can be an engineer or a rocket scientist and you will still have to learn this program from scratch. You will definitely have an advantage if you are familiar with the nuances of a regular computer base because you won't have to learn that as well. But you do need the embrilliance classes. I have tried at least a dozen different digitizing software programs and found embrilliiance to out perform all of them. The only one I have not tried (yet) is Wilcom Hatch due to the very hefty price of the complete set of modules....I want
Embrilliance support is excellent at responding immediately to any support ticket. However, the first response should be ignored. Always reply with your original question and remind them that you a specific answer. On the second response your question will definitely be addressed and you can go from there. Always ask only one question in your ticket. If you have multiple problems, open multiple tickets. I know all of this due to a long history of sending tickets and not getting the response I needed. I promise you will get what you need but you have to do your homework first. Make sure you know what you are talking about when you ask a question. I hope this helps.