by noah ( edited 15 Jun 2017 ) 14 Jun 2017

finally got this internet at camp to work when everyone else is in bed lol****Thanks Meganne for your wonderful design **Cuties are the best hugs


by meganne 16 Jun 2017

You're most welcome old friend.
If you want to get really creative get yourself some sticky back velcro, (Hook and Loop) stick one half to the back of the Needle Mate and the other half to your machine or somewhere handy. :-)
hugs n roses, Meg

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noah by noah 16 Jun 2017

Wonderful idea thanks****

by sonjapotgieter 15 Jun 2017

Beautiful...Well done

by lbrow 15 Jun 2017

Great job Carolyn. We all need one of these/Lillian

by stork 15 Jun 2017

Could have used one today while sewing with my grand daughters. They were working on getting their 4-H projects finished for Regional Fashion Revue. Am happy to say that they are done!!!!

by worthy 15 Jun 2017

Now that is what I call a keeper. Where did you find the design. So glad you have internet now so you can help keep us inspired. May you be Blessed as you Bless us.

by cfidl 15 Jun 2017

I can't find mine so I need to make another. Now I know where to look!

by mechille 15 Jun 2017

Great job. Yes cuties are the best. Glad you got your internet to work there at camp. Hope your having a wonderful time. Keep up the good work. :)

by robertahilde 15 Jun 2017

Cute and practical. Good job as usual Carolyn.

by Sewmum1 14 Jun 2017

Well done. Looks great

by cooperal 14 Jun 2017

Sew useful! Love it. Avis