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by queenofhearts ( edited 15 Jun 2017 ) 14 Jun 2017

I have not posted on my daughter's progress recently so I thought it was time to bring you Cuties up to date. Here is my granddaughter's CaringBridge post from today. "Both my Aunt Shelly and I have had a chance to check in what is going on across the pond. Unfortunately, my Mom has a really bad migraine today and is unable to do PT today. They hope that she will be able to do it this afternoon. The migraines are impeding her progress at times.

However, there are some small wins. She can move her fingers enough that she can press her own call button. It doesn't sound like much, but a little over two weeks ago, she wasn't even awake. She can grip, but not hold things. She still can't move her overall arms much. However, she can move her knees, feet, and ankles. She can also wiggle her legs. She can't stand yet, but that is the goal soon." So as you can see she is making some progress but it is ever so slow. She still has a long journey ahead of her so I ask you to continue to remember her in your prayers. Update..........Thank you to all that have left comments. Even though she can't use a fork to feed herself. today brought another bit of joy when Kathie could use her fingers to pick up a bit of cake.


by cfidl 17 Jun 2017

Prayers continue for Kathie. do the doctors have a clue what happened?

by kustomkuddle 15 Jun 2017

Praise to the Lord for progress being made. Continued prayers for healing and comfort. Prayers for patience and understanding. Thank you for the progress report. I had been wondering how she was doing.

by airyfairy 15 Jun 2017

Sounds as if she is progressing well. Thank you for taking the time to update us.

by ethan 15 Jun 2017

Many thanks for the update, good to know things are improving. Keep strong. Prayers and hugs for you. Gladys

by jrob Moderator 14 Jun 2017

Love the sound of progress being made. Prayers on behalf of your family continue. Thank you for letting us know and for the privilege of praying for your family.

by Sewmum1 14 Jun 2017

Thanks for sharing her progress. Thinking of you all

by dragonflyer 14 Jun 2017

Progress is good news...I know she will continue on her path of are all in my thoughts and prayers

by lbrow 14 Jun 2017

That I will do. Sounds like she is progressing as she should. Migraines are not easy to deal with. Is she getting something to help her with them?/Lillian

by parkermom 14 Jun 2017

Thank you for the update. I'm so glad that she is making progress, and will continue to lift her and your family in prayer.

by pennifold 14 Jun 2017

Little steps and one day she'll be doing it all by herself. I'm so glad that our prayers are being heard Teresa. Please keep us informed of Kathy's progress - I uphold her every day in my prayers. Love Chris

by 02kar Moderator 14 Jun 2017

I'm so glad you updated us. Little goals are adding up to huge steps. What a pleasure to hear she can use her call button on her own. What a big step towards caring for herself. I'm so sorry the migraines are slowing her progress. I sincerely hope and pray the medical team can get them under control. Our prayers continue. And you and your granddaughter are included in them. We look forward to hearing more updates.

by kathymourie 14 Jun 2017

I am keeping Kathie and her family in my thoughts and prayers. She has a strong name, I know she will keep fighting until she is better.

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queenofhearts by queenofhearts 14 Jun 2017

Thank you for caring. She would not have come this far if she was not a fighter.

by graceandham 14 Jun 2017

Thanks for the update. We continue to put her needs before the Lord. Take care of you, meanwhile, and your nutrition and health, so you can be helpful to her later. Love and hugs.

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queenofhearts by queenofhearts 14 Jun 2017

Thank you for your concern and prayers.