by eleen 11 Jun 2017

I am so unhappy with myself. I made an online purchase on an American site with my credit card but the I could not finalize the purchase as it kept on saying that they could not process my card I should try again later. So guess what I did just that - even tried hubby's card. I wrote to them and they came back saying they do not see the order and it could be the address etc. So guess what I tried it a few more times. Now I found all these trials actually ending up on my download page but none on my order page. I am going to be a dead women if all of these actually goes through our account as it was pretty expensive designs. This might be the end of my embroidery hobby.


by katydid 11 Jun 2017

What a night mare. Hope you get it straightened out. I use pay pal for most all my on line buying. However there are a few sites that don't take pay pal and I will not buy from them unless they are trusted sites. Get your husband to set up a Pal Pal account for you. Then you will be in shopping heaven. Kay

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eleen by eleen 12 Jun 2017

Yes I normally also use Paypal and this is the one site that does not take it. I've bought from them for years now without a problem and they have great designs. At least they are so quick to respond - so far I've had great service. I had feedback last night that their order specialists will look into it on Monday morning which will be our Monday afternoon. Unfortunately I was asleep when they came back and asked for certain details. They will now see it by this afternoon (time difference) so I am sure it will be sorted out. When I gave them the details it is obvious that there is a computer related problem - have not seen it because I had such a fright.

by killiecrankie 11 Jun 2017

Last week I had a problem with a purchase from Embroidery Library, the sale items went into the shopping basket ok but when I tried to pay with my credit card, it would proceed.After two days of trying ,I sent a email to them explaining the problem & telling them that we are 15hrs ahead of them.
Next day I received a email saying that the problem was fixed & that they would honour the sale price & to let them know if there was any more problems.Everything worked perfectly but unless you let people know about your problem with their site ,it can not be fixed.

by babash 11 Jun 2017

We learnt our lesson when Hubby bought a book on line with Credit card and all sorts of things appeared on our bill including car rental in England and we are in Australia. Bank sorted it but too ages.
We now only buy from sites that use Paypal.
I am sure you will sort out your problem and keep on creating.

by 02kar Moderator 11 Jun 2017

I'm not happy this scare happened to you but I'm glad you shared with us. We all need to be aware of the glitches that can occur and the way to solve them. And we need to know if a company will not work with a customer too. I'm glad it is working out in your favor and tell you hubby thanks for being a good hubby.

by basketkase 11 Jun 2017

I would absolutely check with credit card company and cancel any money you did not authorize.....this is why we have our phone # available to customers so we can converse and figure things out when it is too difficult through there a phone # you can contact them?

eleen by eleen 11 Jun 2017

Yes if I can not come right with e-mail I will phone them. Problem is also time difference - when we are wake they sleep. Must be a glitch in their system as it kept on saying it did not go through try again. And there is no order or invoice. Also I would normally get a confirmation e-mail and I have received nothing - it is just that they are in my download tab. Luckily it is easy to see that I have not done so and also I am sure nobody would buy the same downloadable design over and over.

eleen by eleen 11 Jun 2017

O yes did not mention - nothing was processed on any of our accounts yet. It normally takes a few days for it to come through. But normally you can see that the funds are reserved which did not happen - so it might be that the transcations did not go through at all.

basketkase by basketkase 11 Jun 2017

It's a pain in the hind end, but am sure things will work out for you.......

by kustomkuddle 11 Jun 2017

I'm praying everything works out ok. Glad your hubbie will be able to help if needed. Keep smiling and sewing!

by pennyhal2 11 Jun 2017

Oh, I've done that before too. It always gets resolved correctly. But it is distressing when it happens. Every website has it way of doing things and sometimes I just get confused as to what to do. Be patient and don't give up your hobby just because of a mistake!

by gerryvb 11 Jun 2017

because you used the credit card, the problem can be solved. if you used an I-deal payment it would be difficult. But with a credit card, they will help you with this.

by jrob Moderator 11 Jun 2017

You'll be fine and I'm sure hubby, being a banker, will take care of it in no time. Credit cards are very helpful when something like this happens. Don't let it stop you and creating. Hugs, Jerrilyn

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eleen by eleen 11 Jun 2017

Thanks - I just fell so bad about it. I should have looked at the download page initially but never did. Hubby and I had a careful look at the site and also on our bank. It was suppose to reserve the funds if it went through. My husband says by the looks of it he is sure the payments did not go through at all. Luckily I have advised the company when I tried and they did not even see the items on my download page. They just confirmed that there is no orders. That was yesterday so today I thought maybe I should try again. What made me look at the download page was that the order page did not look right. I am sure it did not have all my purchases in it. Must be a glitch on their side. Life is suppose to be fair so I am sure it should not be a problem I think they are a pretty large company and I've bought a number of licensed design sets from them in the past - so I am pretty sure they would sort it out. Might be that these were put in the download without payment. That I also do not want and for this reason I have not downloaded anything. They can actually see that nothing is downloaded as it numbers the downloads. I've said a little prayer and am sure this will take care of it.

by dragonflyer 11 Jun 2017

I see that things are looking up and should work themselves out...hope all goes as it should...

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eleen by eleen 11 Jun 2017

So am I. Thanks.

by awesome1 11 Jun 2017

You should contact the site and tell them a problem occurred causing multiple orders and you wish to cancel all but one. Then be sure to call your credit card company and explain to them--they will hold back payment except for the one order. They are very understanding.

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eleen by eleen 11 Jun 2017

Thank you - I have already replied to their earlier e-mail to tell them what happened as they promised to look into it on Monday. So they kind of is aware there is a problem. I also have not downloaded any will only do so once sorted. Luckily my husband works for our bank. He is now smiling and says if a problem he will sort it out. I think he just likes to see me worried as I normally can go overboard when it comes to my hobby.