by CraftySharon 08 Jun 2017

Knee rug for wheelchair use, Design comes from Embroidery Library, very happy with how it stitched up. The fabric is polar fleece both sides and has tied edge at the top for a decorative touch. The rug has been made for my mum and I've added her name as she lives in an aged care facility.


by graceandham 13 Jun 2017

Nicely done. What a cheery little bird.

by lbrow 12 Jun 2017

Lovely Job!/Lillian

by CraftySharon 12 Jun 2017

Thanks for all the lovely comments.

by robinbird 10 Jun 2017

This lap robe or knee rug as you named it looks beautiful &sure to delight your mum daily too. The bird design makes me smile. :~D Thanks for sharing it.

by noah 08 Jun 2017

love it great job hugs

by sewdeb 08 Jun 2017

This is lovely and I'm sure your mum is will feel your love every time she looks at it.

by sonjapotgieter 08 Jun 2017

Great design and work done!!!Gorgeous

by pennyhal2 08 Jun 2017

Sometimes it's had to think of something to make for someone in a care home. I love how pretty that bird makes this coverlet and I'm sure the fleece will keep her warm. You are a terrific daughter and I'm sure your mother appreciates what you do for he

by lidiad 08 Jun 2017

Your Mum will be thrilled to get this beautiful knee rug, well done!
Hugs, Lidia

by queenofhearts 08 Jun 2017

Lovely, your mum will love it.

by toogie 08 Jun 2017

This is so thoughtful of you to come up with this unique gift. It is sometimes hard to think of what to give others, in the same positions in life. Very lovely work from the heart.

by jrob Moderator 08 Jun 2017

It's beautiful and clearly identified as hers.

by kustomkuddle 08 Jun 2017

It makes me smile! What a thoughtful gift. I'm sure she will love it. DebB

by pennifold 08 Jun 2017

That sounds wonderful, I'm sure your Mum will ❤️ it. ❤️ Chris

by babash 08 Jun 2017

How wonderful that looks.
Well done.

by bemara 08 Jun 2017

Love these designs and your work, your mother will be glad :-)