by shozo1271 18 May 2017

all 4 of these designs are from Vicki at Basketkasedesigns. I made the 2 wine designs on cotton towels. The Melancholy design (the third design down) is on the front of a tote for my niece, I added her name and covered it with some fabric across the bottom corner of the design. But, you can see the design shape in the 4th pic.


by sonjapotgieter 19 May 2017

Great designs!!So Gorgeous!!!

by basketkase 19 May 2017

Great stitching.....Your friends are going to love you at Christmas with all the towels you are making them........I love the way they stitch on the flour sack towels.......

katforever18 by katforever18 19 May 2017

How do you download these designs? My cousin would Love these! They're just so cute! :)

pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 19 May 2017

You have to go to the website
and order them there.