by beutelhexe 15 May 2017

With the jumping marks I managed. :) But the first and last stitch from / to the middle I do not take away. What can I do here?

Can you help me again?
I am so happy. Now I have to make it exactly on the line.
:) :) :)


by mops Moderator 19 May 2017

Verzeihung bitte, habe das erst jetzt gesehen.

In Editor/Optionen sehe ob "Sprungstich zum ersten Stich hinfügen" und
"Stich zurück zum Ursprung hinfügen" ausgeschaltet sind.

Make sure that in Editor/Options "Add jump to first stitch"and "Add back to origin stitch" have been unchecked. Default they are checked.

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beutelhexe by beutelhexe 24 May 2017

Thank you :)

by muflotex 16 May 2017

I have no idea if this is an elegant solusion... Vielleich ist das keine elegante Lösung. Wenn du das Symbol hast und das Objekt markiert ist kannst du die Punkte anfassen, festhalten und verschieben.

by katydid 15 May 2017

missed you! I don't know how to help. Kay

by noah 15 May 2017

Welcome home hugs

by graceandham 15 May 2017

Congratulations. And, by the way, your English is very clear! My German has fallen into disuse!

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beutelhexe by beutelhexe 15 May 2017

Thank you :)